Depth Of Addiction - A Love Story 5

Depth Of Addiction - A Love Story 5

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We continued chatting:

Me: life is good ooooo (at least for now). So what's up?

Motunrayo: Nothing much.... since you dint call me, I want to know if you dint save the number I gave you the other day. Now I know that you did.

Me: I'm sorry. I'm a very emotional person. I don't want to start showing off my bad attitude because of my mood. I just lost my grandfather from my maternal side.

Motunrayo: sorry for your loss

Me: thanks jare... I'm not even close to him but my mum has not been herself for the past few days. I'm always with her. Her mood is affecting me too (grandfather wey don die before dem born me sef).

Motunrayo: pele... my mind just wanted to check on you, as if I knew something was wrong.

Me: I'm fine now.... Ese. so tell me. Do you still have those shinning, white and good set of teeth when you smile?

Motunrayo: chuckles* I don't know what you are talking about

Me: Okay.... I got attracted to you because of your smiles.... apart from your Smiles, I like you in person.

Motunrayo: hmnnnnn.... so you like me and you dint deem to call since

Me: I explained to you na.... don't worry. I will start calling you every hour tomorrow to let you know how serious I am.

Motunrayo: (giggles) I hope you fulfil it.

Me: I will.... Motunrayo, can I ask for a favour from you?

Motunrayo: sure

Me: actually it's actually two favour(s)... please

Motunrayo: hmnnnnn... okay... let's hear it.

Me: Okay.... the first favour is... can I see you in 2/3days time.

Motunrayo: today is Friday.... and 3 days time would be Monday. I'm sorry but I can make it on Tuesday.

Me: fine. Infact splendid! Thank you

Motunrayo: you welcome. What about the second favour?

Me: it's when we see then we will discuss about that

Motunrayo: Okay oooo. Where are we meeting?

Me: you choose... KFC, Mr Bigg's, Tantalizers... just name it.

Motunrayo: no ooooo. I don't do fast food dating. My place or your place.

Me: Okay.... (your place ke) if you know that I will be free in your place and area... I will come but I would have preferred my place.

Motunrayo: Okay... your place is it.

Me: thanks. My promise starts after 8pm oooo after my morning chores..

Motunrayo: what promise? O o Okay.. no problem. We talk tomorrow then. Good night!

Me: good night plus sweet dreams

She hangs up and I punched the air in excitement. I now read Bidemi message and she was begging me to please pick her call while her sister (Kikelomo) reads: "my sister kept asking me if I did anything to annoy you. Please pick her call before she picks up quarrel with me".

My mind skips when I finished reading the message. I dialled Bidemi's number and She picked on the first beep.

Bidemi: hello

Me: sweet heart

Bidemi: nawa oo... just dey do as you like. I have been calling you since. you refused to pick up and you later switched off your phone.

Me: My Dad was upset because I did not ironed the cloth he asked me to (I lied). He asked me to stool down. I had to put my off my phone when the call was much and it kept vibrating in my pocket.

Bidemi: Pele... have you ironed the cloth now?

Me: Yes? Saw your sisters text and she was begging me to pick your call you. Hoped you dint fight with her?

Bidemi: no oooo... just kept asking if she did something to annoy you that made you not to pick my call.

Me: something like what ooo?

Bidemi: never mind.... thank God That you are fine.

Me: Okay oooo. I want to rest. I'm very tired.

Bidemi: Okay... sweet dreams

Me: same here. (ends the call)

I decided to call Kikelomo to know how she feels about today. Dials her number and she picks.

Kikelomo: Hello

Me: hi... hope I dint get you angry too?

Kikelomo: hmnnnnn... yes you did! hoped you have called your girlfriend sha?

Me: Yes... I explained to her that my Dad punished me for not doing something at the right time.

Kikelomo: so you admit that she is your girlfriend....

Me: what do you have me say na? If I had said "no she's not" you would have brought up another issue

Kikelomo: Okay.... I hope what you told her was not true.... Your Dads punishment

Me: No oo... just had to lie na... you know Bidemi na...

Kikelomo: hmnnnnn.... Mr lie lie.... I hope all the things you told me today were not lies ooo

Me: I can't remember all that I said but the part that I said that I liked you was a perfect lie.

Kikelomo: (voice saddened) you lied so that you can have your way with me. That's a very harsh thing to say.

Me: on the contrary..... what I meant to say is that I lied when I said I liked you ..... when from the bottom of my heart I knew that I love you. "I love you Kikelomo". I have always loved you.

We kept quiet for a while. I got her off guard and I know that I'm having effect on her.

Me: Okay... I understand. I'm sorry for loving you. I think we should go to bed now.

Kikelomo: Okay. Good night

Me: Good night (I ended the call).

I knows that she likes me but she is too shy to admit it. I relaxed my mind and ready for bed when her message entered my phone:

"After what happened today; I think I'm falling in love with you which is not what I planned for.
I love you too Femi (happy). Good Night Dear.".

I was about reading the message for the tenth time when I received another message from her.

"Please delete both messages because of Bidemi (including this one). But that does not delete the feelings I have for you. Sweet dreams!"

O boy... I love this girl ooo! she sure has ways with words and it's making to fall yakata like Romeo. I need to see her tomorrow.

I'm loving my life now. It's getting Interesting like the Son of president Obamas son. Happy mood. I just slept off.

Another day:

Today is the last Saturday of the month (environmental day). I went with my brother for environmental stuffs. We were busy when one of our neighbour (Ruka) came to borrow our rake.

Ruka: Femi please if you guys are through with the rake. Do borrow us.

Me: no problem.

If you are looking for Lepa... you have found Ruka. In short Ruka=Lepa. But what I like about her is that, she can speak English, Igbo and Yoruba very fluently and knows much about every aspect of life... sports, politics, Boko-Haram, education, movies, music .... just name it. Ruka is just the bomb.

She dress very nice too and Funmilayo once told me that she is into modelling.

Bros Segun: o boy.. Ruka don dey make sense oooo

Me: badoo... Wetin make sense for this one. Wetin you wan enjoy for this bone body.

Bros Segun: you no go understand... Na dis wan dem dey call lepa wey make sense. All styles na default settings. You no need to dey force am.

Me: Badoo... if dem dey look for devil, na im be this (pointing at him). As you talk am, I fit enter the settings too o

Bros Segun: Na sure settings be this ooo, but it will take you time to hit the jackpot.

Me: this one... she go happy say I con toast am.... Me... under 2weeks I don sample am (forming Rambo again).

Bros Segun: Na lie you no fit do am under 2weeks. If you do am, I go respect you no be small. The girl wey me "Badoo" don toast like 3times wey no gree na Im you wan sample under 2weeks.

Me: (bros don kolo oo) I go do am but we will make a bet that all the money I spend to lure her will be refunded by you.

Bros Segun: deal but if you lose then you will watch my cloths for 2 weeks.

Me: (no be me dey watch am before)... deal Bros.

We finished the environmental exercise around 9am. That was when I remembered to call Motunrayo. Dialled her number .

Motunrayo: hello

Me: hello... Sowie for not making up with my promise. Today is environmental and I nearly forgot sef

Motunrayo: Okay oooo.. at least you called. Thanks

Me: but don't worry, all the other hours won't miss.

Motunrayo: Okay sir.. how was your night?

Me: it was fine... urs?

Motunrayo: same... we will talk later... I'm cooking now.

Me: Okay oooo... later then (she ends the call).

I rushed to the bathroom for my morning drills. Went to the kitchen to see what my lovely sister is cooking.

Me: Funmilayo baby.... if not that you are my blood sister. I would have kidnapped and married you.

Funmilayo: hmnnnnn.... food is not ready.

Me: I'm not hungry jo... I'm just admiring my only sister. The guy wey go marry you must try well well oooo.

Funmilayo: Brother mi.... stop it now (Smiling). what do you want?

Me: That's why I said I want to kidnap you and then marry you. You understand me die.

Funmilayo: (giggles) what do you want?

I explained my affection for Ruka's but I dint tell her about the bet.

Me: just help me with her number. I know you have her number.

Funmilayo: is that all you want?

Me: Yes.... that would be all for now. or do you have any other means of hooking us together.

Funmilayo: hmnnnnn.... I will think of something but don't call her yet ooo

Me: (gives me her number) okay ma...

We were still discussing when Mummy entered the kitchen... see you later Funmilayo (I pecked her on the chin) and I pecked my mummy too and greeted her Good Morning Ma.

I ate my breakfast and I managed to call Motunrayo 10am and 11am on the dot. I was about going out to see Emeka when Kikelomo and Bidemi entered my room. I was shocked and silently praying that they ved not discovered my escapades with them.

Me: hi guys

Kikelomo&Bidemi: hello

Bidemi: we came to apologise about what happened yesterday. Because if you had not stayed back with Kikelomo yesterday., you would have ironed your Dad's clothes.

Me: I'm alright now.. thank you. Nobody forces me to do what I don't want to do. My staying back was solely my decision.

Kikelomo: Okay oooo.... we are going to the cinemas and we want you to accompany us if you are chanced.

Me: (see wahala ooo) sure... which cinema is that? (I hope this is not a set up ooo)

Bidemi: constatin cinemas

Me: (next street) good... am I okay like this? (turning around)

Kikelomo: na cinema we dey go na not burial ceremony.

We all laughed and Bidemi excused herself to go to the ladies.

Immediately she left, Kikelomo jumped off her seat and started kissing me. I tried restraining her but she just kept going on (that was when I knew that this girls wan set me up). We continued kissing until we heard the sound of flushing from the restroom. Bidemi came out and we all set for the cinema.

We got to the Cinema around 12 : 45pm and the movie we intend watching starts 1pm. So we took our time to snap picture with different backgrounds. My mind just Flashed that I have failed to call Motunrayo now for 2 consecutive hours. But I still cherish my phone, so I had to ignore her at least for now. Bidemi liked some of her pictures on my phone and she insisted on sharing some of them on my Facebook.

Kikelomo and I excused her to get some pop corn. We dint spend up to 5mins and we returned to where Bidemi was. She was in tears. That was when I remembered that I dint delete Kikelomo's messages.

Bidemi: Who's Motunrayo?

Me: she's a friend. Is that why you are crying?

Bidemi: so what is going on between both of you (pointing towards Kikelomo and I)

Me: what do you mean?

Bidemi: dont play dumb with me... you know what "I hate both you" (crying and running away).

Now faced with Kikelomo.... her eyes was filled with so much rage.

Kikelomo: dint I asked you to delete those messages?

Me: I forgot to... I'm sorry

Kikelomo: it's too late for that... so you collected Motunrayo's number at the party without even informing me.

Me: em... em... em....

Kikelomo: you are just a lying bastard... (she walks away from me)

I called out her name and stretch out my right hand to hold her back. The next thing I heard was 'gbosa' for my face. My phone and popcorn all scattered on the floor while she zooms off.

People were just staring at me and I felt like disappearing from that place. I couldn't move for 5mins.

A guy came up to me and put his arm around my neck. He was heaven sent. He acted as if we came there together. He just dragged me out of the cinema and I explained everything to him with tears in my eyes. I don't know this guy but I felt comfortable with him.

He told me that his name is Tunde and we exchanged our contact.

Me: thank you very much oooo. I have never been disgraced publicly like this before

Tunde: I said you should not worry. By the time I hook you up with bigger girls. They will come begging you back.

Me: just because of text message.

Tunde: you are still new in the game and there are rules to be followed.

Rule 1: never leave a love text message on your phone

Rule 2: never leave a love text message on your phone

Me: Okay.... I will love to know more about your rules.

Tunde: no problem.... I like you and you are too cute to be treated like that... I will fix you up. Got to go. I will holla you later.

Me: Okay friend.

We parted and I took a bike to my house, even though it's not too far from my house. I don't want any okada man to insult me today again.

***To be Continued***
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