Depth Of Addiction - A Love Story 6

Depth Of Addiction - A Love Story 6

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Got home around 2:30pm. That was when I knew what befell me. So no more kisses everyday again.

Motunrayo's house is far that's even if Kikelomo will allow the relationship to grow: now that she's found out.

I got to get a new area girl so that I won't wallow too much in my present state. My mind Flashed to Ruka.

She's not that bad but what if Kikelomo&Bidemi got to know about who I'm dating: I think they will be very happy that the girl is not up to their standard. But who cares? Besides I had a bet that expires in 2weeks time. This week no be am at all.

I went out of my room to search for my lovely sister!

Me: Iyawo mi

Funmilayo: Oko mi (Smiling)

Me: you no wan allow me marry another wife after you abi?

Funmilayo: (now laughing) I'm on it bros. Just relax.

Me: Okay oooo... but I promise that nobody go replace your spot in my heart ooo (moves closer and pecked her)

Funmilayo: (Smiling) me sef no go gree

We both laughed and I went back into my room. I called Motunrayo without letting her know what was wrong with me and I apologised for breaking my promise.

I dint want to call the girls of the Adeboye's but I still feel bad about the whole issue. I know that none of them would pick my call. Which I don't want them to because I don't have any explanation to give them.

I dialled Bidemi's number for 15 times (hoping that she won't pick) then dialled Kikelomo's number 5 times.

They dint pick as I expected but I just prayed that they won't escalate the issue than how it already is.

I was feeling lonely and depressed. I wanted to call Ruka but my sister warned me not to. I'm still thinking who to call when Tunde's number rang on my phone. I picked the call.

Me: hello boss

Tunde: hello ore, how are you feeling now?

Me: all thanks to you... I'm much better now

Tunde: hoped you dint call those girls?

Me: I did but they dint pick up

Tunde: Okay... you suppose no call them.. make them dey expect your call and explanation. no call them again ooo

Me: Okay boss

Tunde: can you come to Blue Top hotel at Johnson street around 6pm today.

Me: (hotel... 6pm... daddy)... I am not too sure but if I can make it. I will let you know before then.

My Dad usually comes home late on Saturdays (club things). But my mum... where will I tell them that I went to?

Went to my sister and confided in her (dint tell her where I was going). Told her that I will be coming back anytime from 8pm and if mummy asked of me.. that she should tell her that I went to collect GCE past question from someone that I just left now. She said no problem.

I went to play with my mum in the living room then sneaked into my room around 5:30pm. I made a call to Tunde that I will be coming but I won't stay that long. 

Exactly 6pm, I took a bike to the hotel at Johnson street. I called Tunde that I'm at the gate. After waiting for like 5mins, he came and we entered inside.

He was with his friends in the VIP lounge (2girls... 3guys). He introduced the ladies... this is Ronke and this is Linda. They greeted me warmly by hugging me. With my assessment, those ladies will be over 40years old. Is this the kind of bigger girls that Tunde wants to link me to. I was still thinking when tunde ordered for 2 bottles of small stout and a plate of pepper soup (Stout ke) for me. I rushed the drinks with the hope that I would leave early but tunde ordered for more drinks which I rejected. I don't drink like that besides I don't want you to feel bad that was why I forced myself to drink the ones you gave me.

He smiled and said "you be correct guy". It is getting late: 7:30pm now. I told him that I had to leave because of my Dad.

Tunde: no oooo. I have a gift for you

Me: what gift is that?

Tunde: guys let's go inside...

We all moved inside the hotel. Tunde gave me room key 204 and said your package is inside there. I know that the package is a girl.I was feeling tipsy but I was still praying that it won't be old mama like Ronke and Linda ooo.

I managed to get to the door and I got the shock of my life when I opened it. What I saw really surprised me.

The shock of my life.

I met someone quite alright but it was Tunde's friend. He excused himself to go to the restroom when we were drinking outside (I remembered his face). I don't want to be rude, so I closed the door (dint lock it). I kept singing at the back of my mind "I'm not g*y". The guy introduced himself as ikechukwu but all his friends call him IK for short. He started toasting me. I like you I love you... I will really take care of you.. bla bla bla! then all of a sudden he started running his hands all over my body. I was still in shock of the whole scenario. Just looking like mumu until his hand touched my "OGA". That was when I flared up.

Me: I'm not g*y my guy.. just stop it.

IK: nobody was... I will treat you good.

Me: (this guy fine oo) as you fine reach na guys you dey find when girls plenty for outside.

IK: nobody fit satisfy me like the way men do.

Me: (trying to touch me again) I shouted at him, if you dare touch me again; I swear I go kill you for here. You dey mad ni (very angry and pointing to the sky)

I stood up and headed for the door that was when I remembered that I dint removed the key from outside and we were locked inside. I asked him how did he gets inside? He dint even answer me.

I dialled Tunde's number but it was switched off. The time is now 20mins after 8pm. I sat down beside him and thinking how I'm going to get out of here. My phone rang and my heart saddened when I saw the call was from my dad.

I started begging him that he should allow me go.... Na dat day I know say Konji na bastard....

Ik con dey do as if na me offend am... I Begged and Begged.... my mum has started calling too...
Wahala dey oooo!

My Dad and Mum kept calling me at intervals. I just have to rush home but Ik is not helping matters.

It's now 9pm and I'm still in the captive of a g*y guy. Then I saw Bidemi's call and then Kikelomo's call, that was when I knew that I'm in for a big trouble. I wanted to pick my dad's call and tell him about my location but I know the kind of person he is. I sat down relaxed and I took another bottle of small stout on the table.

Finished it then I opened another one. As I was gulping down my fourth bottle that was when he went to open the door. The time is now 9:34pm.

My legs were shaking but I managed to get a bike and I told him to take me to Customs street.

Okada man: your money na #100

Me: for just next street... okay I will give you #200 but if anybody asked you where are you bringing me from tell them say na GRA junction.

Okada man: thank you oga... no wahala. I be business man na

We drove off and go gbangan I reached my papa house.

I alighted the bike. What I saw make me to understand that my family loves me.

Standing outside were my parents, Badoo, Funmilayo, mummyk Kikelomo and Bidemi.

I fumbled off the bike that my mum had to rush over to check on me.

Immediately she smelled Alcohol on me,she just left me lying on the ground. I managed to stand up. I went over to my Dad.

Me: good evening sir

Dad: where are you coming from?

Me: I went to a friends party.

Dad: is that why you should come home drunk and got everyone worried

Me: I dint drink oooo...

Dad: I can see that.... then stand upright

Me: ((I tried to stand up right but my weight is too heavy for my legs to carry)... I'm standing upright sir
I knew that my legs were seriously shaking. It's the influence of the alcohol I took.

My Dad now faced the Adeboye's and thanked them for their support. He then called segun. Go and drop them and come home very fast ooo. It's late ooo.

I looked at Bidemi&Kikelomo and I know what was going through their minds. I just greeted Mummyk as I fumbled into the house.

I went straight to my room and slept off. It was a very long night. My head was getting bigger and smaller at the same time. I was sleeping and awake at the same time. The night was longer and shorter at the same time. In short, I saw hell.

If at the end of a cigarette advert. They say "smokers are likely to die young" then Drinkers are bound to live two life's 'heaven and earth'.

I woke up 8pm in the morning and I just rushed to the bathroom to take my bath. The rest of the family were already in the car going to the church when I joined them.

Dad: thank God you still got your morals.... just beg for forgiveness when you get to church

Me: I'm sorry Daddy... it will never happen again. you know I have not done such a thing before

Dad: that's why I'm letting this one off the hook. You know what I would have done to you

We got to the church. Everyone was ushered to his/her seat. I was ushered to a seat besides Bidemi (we attends the same church with the Adeboye's). She just kept staring at me and I just ignore her. While the service was going on, she slipped a note into my bible. It reads:

"Even though I still love you; I don't know where your heart belongs. My sister and I had discussed over the issue. And we are ready to allow you choose whoever you want in between us. On behalf of my sister ; we are really sorry of what we put you through.".

This girls are not serious oooo. So they think they know what happens to me. I was almost raped yesterday and I lost the trust of my family. I don't want any more wahala from them.

I wrote at the back of the note she gave me and passed it to her.

"Thank you for loving me. Actually I was in love with you before the event at the cinemas. after the cinemas... the love just withered away. Only I knows what I went through yesterday, but I'm over it now.

The same goes for your sister. Please keep your LOVEs cos I don't need it again. Bye "

She read it and started crying in the church. I went to seat elsewhere but I still keep glancing at her. I just need to free myself from them so that I can invite Motunrayo over without having to watch my back. The service ended and I drove my family back home.

I was very hungry. Just put my Sundays rice into the microwave and I devoured it. I called Motunrayo to remind her of Tuesday. She said no problem.

Then suddenly my phone rang and it was Tunde, I picked:

Me: Good Afternoon Boss

Tunde: Afternoon Ore... I'm sorry about what happened yesterday... I was not a party to it but I was aware of their plans.

Me: I'm okay jare... at least I know that you are not g*y but Ik na werey sha ooo

Tunde: You can say that again, but apart from his likeness on men, he's a cool person. You will like him.

Me: Okay oooo

I told him about my drunkeness of yesterday and how the event turned around between the two girls that made us compulsory friends.

Tunde: good my guy... let them cool off a little... you go be their small god.

Me: abi oooo.

Tunde: can you join us at the same place today? Ik wants to apologies to you. He even brought his wife to show you.

Me: really... but I can't show today. he made me got home late yesterday. All eyes will be on me today. Maybe tomorrow

Tunde: I understand.... no wahala ore mi

Me: tell him that I have forgiven him

Tunde: no problem... if you can still show today, just beep me.

Me: nah... another time.... thanks.

We ended the call.

I went to my brothers room and I explained everything that happened to him but just that this time I dint hide their identity. I told him that the girls are Bidemi&Kikelomo Adeboye. Explained how I almost got rap*d by a guy.

We just laughed and he reminds me of our bet.

Me: time still dey na... I have started working on it.

Bros Segun: Okay oooo... you can still back out now if you want ti

Me: nah... it's too early to back out.

We chatted for a while and I went to beg my mum for putting her into lots of emotional trouble yesterday.

It's 7:30pm and I kept on thinking about the Adeboye's. I really missed them, especially Bidemi. She has already become part of my boring routine. As I was thinking about her., her calls started entering my phone and I ignored all of it. She kept on calling. I just ignored her.

I wanted her to send a text message so that I can know what is going on in her mind. As if she knows my intention., her text message enters:

"I have never been in love before and I don't ever want to be in love again. You hurt me real bad and I wish this broken heart will heal very soon. No wonder you dint want......! wish you all the best in life"

I read the message and I really felt for her. I know that she would have been crying her heart out by now.

Besides there's a blank space in the message she sent ''No wonder you dint want......!'' I was tempted to call her but I just have to end all contact with her and her sister until Motunrayo leaves on Tuesday.

The whole of last week na drama: make this new week no go be theatre art... I smiled but not too happy about the whole event with the Adeboye's.

It's now 6pm in the evening. Tunde called me and I told him that I can't come that my family are around. He said that they are outside our house that I should just show up at the gate.

O boy see wahala ooooo

***To be Continued***
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