Depth Of Addiction - A Love Story 7

Depth Of Addiction - A Love Story 7

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My Dad is at home today ooo. I sneaked through the rear door. I was standing at the gate when I hear a car horned. I presumed that it has to be them (the car was packed 2houses from ours). I moved closer and they all stepped out of the car. Behold, I saw an angel. If this is IKs girlfriend then he surely needs to be referred to Yaba left for medication.

I greeted them and like I presumed, Ik introduced her as his fiancee (Mary). I complimented her like the way Pastor Chis preaches every Sunday.

Me: I now know why Ik never flirts like the way we do

Mary: why oooo? (Smiling)

Me: because he knows that he will never see an angel as angelic as you.

We all laughed and Ik said that he's not bad looking himself. He apologised to me and he said we should go out and relax somewhere. I declined the offer Because of my parents. He said Tunde explained everything to him and he slipped an envelope into my hand. They left.

Enclosed in the envelope was N10,000. Omo.. I don rich ooo. Motunrayo go really enjoy herself when she comes around.

It was 8pm and Bidemi has started calling me again and she sent another text begging me to please pick her call. That are parents has started asking questions.

I decided to call her back but not because of her parents but because I do still have feelings for her. I called and she dint picked. I guessed she wanted to call back. Not quite long my phone started ringing: it's Bidemi's (Omo see levels). I picked it.

Me: Hello... (trying not to give away my happiness in my voice)

Bidemi: Good Evening ....

Me: is it greetings that you requested I call you for.?

Bidemi: I'm sorry.... I now know that you now hate me.

Immediately I heard the word "hate". I knew I had over done it but I just have to hang on until Motunrayo leaves my house.

We continued our conversation...

Me: I don't hate you.... I just want us to have a little space before one of us gets hurt.

Bidemi: I'm already hurting... please forgive me. please (her voice shaking).

Me: you dint offend me; but things has changed since both of you left me at the cinemas in a confused state.

Bidemi: my sister told me what she did to you.... please find it in your heart to forgive us.

I know that she's crying and she is trying as much as she can not to make it obvious on phone.

Me: you girls dint offend me. You just made me to realise that what I was doing is not good. It's just that I had to resort to drinking before I realised that (pretending that they caused yesterday's drinking).

Bidemi: Okay... if that is what you want.. (crying on phone) no wahala. There is a reason for everything. Do take care of yourself.

Me: (yee..i don fu*k up, the girl no beg again). Okay... but I have a question for you before you end the call.

Bidemi: ask your question

Me: Okay.... in one of the messages, you left a blanked message "no wonder you dint want........!" what does that mean?

Bidemi: you'ved made up your mind already. There's no need for any explanation. Good night!

Me: Okay... good night! are we still friends?

Bidemi: sure but I don't think our friendship can be that close again.

Me: no problem then... good night.

I ended the call and I realised that I just lost my best friend.

Life goes on jo. I dialled Motunrayo's number and she picked and we chatted for a while before we said good night.

I went to my brothers room and reminded him that I will be needing the drug he promised to give me. He said no problem about that and he gave me a sachet of the performance enhancer.

Bros Segun : use it one hour before the real deal. It works like magic.

Me: Ese Egbon, want to sleep now. Good night

Bros Segun: odaro

I went to bed and I slept off almost instantly.

I woke up around 7am on Monday morning. My parents had already left for their offices. I went straight to the living room because I know that's where I will find my sister. I asked her what she prepared. Yam and egg.

Not too bad for the day that I have no appointment. I ate up. Made calls to Tunde and Motunrayo for their early morning greetings then took my bath.

It's now 10am. I was surprised to still see my sister at home.

Me: No school today ni?

Funmilayo: there's oooo. my classmates are going for an excursion in Ekiti state and dad said I should not go..that's too far.

Me: pele, so where are you going dressed up like this?

Funmilayo: Ruka invited me to her audition on modelling at Ikeja. I'm going to cheer her up there.

Me: nawa ooo. So you don't think this is the right avenue for you to hook us up.

Funmilayo: I don't know of your plans na...

Me: what plans do admission seeker like me have? Can I come?

Funmilayo: sure, it would just make the work easy sef.

We both laughed and drove in one of our parents car to the event. The event centre was not too difficult to locate and there's parking park around there. I paid N200 for the space I parked. Then we headed inside the hall.

The event was well organised and I see why Ruka choose this type of profesion for herself. All the girls are lepa with extremely good height.

The show ended around 4:30pm. She came around and thanked us for coming around.

Me: it's our pleasure. Besides I have not been opportune to watch it live. I never missed a show parade on Galaxy tv or AIT on Saturdays.

Ruka: that's my favourite TV show on Saturdays

Me: (Smiling) why won't it be when the people are your friends.

Ruka: abi oooo..

We all laughed.

Me: anyway it's a nice performance.! And I hope you will invite me personally if you have a show or another audition?

Ruka: why not? You guys really made my day. All my school friends did not even come. We have another audition with another cooperate body next week Tuesday.. and I will be very glad if you can come?

Me: Sure I will definitely come but only on one condition.

Ruka: what condition (looking surprised by the question)

Me: that you would find time to remind me .

Ruka: that's not hard na....

Me: Okay oooo... I think we should be going. Funmilayo still has some cooking to do. Are you going now because we came with Daddy's car. You can tag along if you are through.

Ruka: sure... we are through.

On our way home. She requested for my number which I gladly gave to her. She Flashed it and requested that since I am driving, I should bring my phone so that she would help me to save it.

For my mind. This girl number dey my phone already. She will definitely see that (gobe)

***To be Continued*** 
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