Depth Of Addiction - A Love Story 8

Depth Of Addiction - A Love Story 8

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I reluctantly gave her the phone and she unlocked it and what she said dint come as a surprise to me
Ruka: my number is already on your phone. How come?

I was about to say something when my sister came to my rescue.

Funmilayo: I saved the number there today because the battery of my phone is not good and it can go off anytime. Should in case we got lost, we can easily contact you on my brothers phone.

Ruka: Okay. it's nothing really! I was just surprised when I saw my number already saved.

We chatted all through the journey home. Finally we arrived exactly 5:45pm. She went to her house while I assisted my lovely sister with the cooking.

I managed to call Motunrayo and informed her that I'm still dying to see her. We said she should be around my area around 10am. And I still managed to resist the temptation of not calling Bidemi.

I slept off till the next day.

Behold the big day has come.

As you all know that nobody arranged a room better than a Guy expecting a girl. I cleaned and rearranged my room. Spayed it with perfume.

On a special day like this, nothing must go wrong. I told my sister about my visitor (her excursion is 3days). I Begged her to help me to cook jollof rice for her. Then gave her N1200 to help me get meat pie and chicken pie whenever I Flashed her and pretend that she went to buy it with her own money just to entertain her.

I then gave her N1000 and promised her another N1000 if everything goes on as planned. She jumped at me and started doing like baby wey dey do use duracell battery.

Me: when you bring the snacks, just make sure you pretend as if you like am.... even for your mind you know that you don't like her.

Funmilayo: Brother mi; you suppose trust me na... I just hope the girl fine reach all your troubles (now laughing).

Me: that one no concern you. Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder.

It's now 8:30am and I called her to know if she's still coming and she said yes.

Motunrayo : I will be in your house anything around 10am but please I will want to go early.

Me: (you never come; you dey talk of early).. just come first ; I can't wait to see you.

Motunrayo: just want to tell you, so that you won't feel bad when I'm going.

Me: Okay... expecting you 10am then.

We ended the call and I went to check my assistant in crime (Funmilayo) seriously preparing Jollofrrice for our guest.

Two things I liked most about my mum is that she's very beautiful and also a good cook. All these good qualities is what I also like in Funmilayo.

9:39am, she has already fried the chicken and plantain. The Jollofrrice is already packed in the cooler and ready to be served. I praised her and still reminds her about the plan B. She assured me that I should not worry and I felt relaxed.

Around 9:48, she called me to confirm the name of our street. I told her to tell the bike man that she's going to Customs street, Customs house. Around 10:03am; I got her call again telling me that she is in front of our gate.

Me: just enter the compound and walk straight.... (she cuts me short)

Motunrayo: enter ke... what about your dogs?

Me: they are in their cage locked down.

Motunrayo: I'm not entering ooo. I fear dog. Please come and take me inside.

Me: Okay... hold on a bit I will be right there.

I told my sister that she's here and the plan never changed. I went to the front gate and what I saw made me to have an instant hard on.

She wore a blouse and a jean. All her clothes are very tight to her body. She smiled and I was tempted to kiss her right there.

Me: welcome

Motunrayo: thank you

Me: you are more beautiful than the other day. I guessed that the sun shinning on you today makes the difference.

Motunrayo: Ese ooo... are you entertaining me outside or inside

Me: my bad... Sowie. I just got lost in your beauty.

We walked inside and I introduced her to my sister. They both complemented each other. We sat in the living room and chitchat:

Funmilayo: Bros, you dint tell me that you are bringing an angel to our house.

Me: (Smiling) she is cute and I know that she knows that herself

Motunrayo: (now feeling shy) you guys should stop teasing me jare.

Funmilayo: Okay ooo... so what should we offer you?

Motunrayo: I'm okay...

Funmilayo: Okay ke.... I just finished preparing Jollofrrice, I think I will serve you my brothers food.

Me: why na? I never eat ooo (very happy with my sister)

Funmilayo: you can only beg her to give you out of it. (she rushes to the kitchen)

Me: Okay oooo

We are now alone for the first time.

Me: welcome to my humble home and our house

Motunrayo: it's a lovely house.

Me: thank you

Motunrayo: you are welcome: your sister is very funny ooo. I think I like her.

Me: I think she likes you too.... she's not always like this when she sees me with other girls

Motunrayo: hmnnnnn.... it means that you have so many girlfriends that you bring around

Me: no oooo... she doesn't like me being around girls that's all. even with her own friends.

Motunrayo: she's protecting her brother na... she's very cute too.

Me: yeah.. she looks exactly like our mum (now pointing to her picture on wall)

Motunrayo: (looks at the picture) yes, she's beautiful and they look much alike. It's just that.....

Me: what?

Motunrayo: she fine pass you.. (Smiling)

Me: na lie jo... I fine pass both of them put together. (now laughing)

We were both laughing when Funmilayo bought out the food and asked us to join her at the dinning table.

She dished the food (with plantain, chicken and pepsi). We all prayed and started devouring our food.

Motunrayo: I'm sorry for breaking the code of eating but I must confess, this food is very very delicious

Funmilayo: thank you very much dear

Me: (looking at Motunrayo) I taught her how to cook ooo...

They just looked at themselves and started laughing.

Motunrayo: I know that already, so don't patronise yourself.

Funmilayo: abi oooo....

We finished our breakfast. Motunrayo and Funmilayo went to the kitchen and did the dishes together while I went to my room to take my performance enhancer drug that my brother gave me (today na today... smiling wickedly).

Funmilayo: I'm going out to see my friend. I ought to be back before you leave.

Motunrayo: Eiya.... okay. thanks for the hospitality. I have not spent 2hours here and it seems that I have been coming here for ages.

Funmilayo: it's my pleasure.... Bros, just call me if you need anything. I'm off to Bidemi's place.

Me: (Bidemi's place ke) alright... let me go and lock the gate.

This girl want to scatter my mood ooo. Of all the places she can go to, why did she choose the Adeboye's house?

Upon all the acting: she wan take Bidemi's name destroy everything.

***To be Continued***
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