Gina's Cross (5)

Gina's Cross (5)

 After my husband's death, I had no plans of remarrying even though I was still so young then. Many suitors had been coming for my hand in marriage but I turned all of them down. 

 I just wanted to focus on my children and also my business. But as my business began to grow, I became more relaxed and considered going into another relationship. It was at this point that Robinson came into my life.

 He was one of my regular customers, a cheerful and friendly man who smiled a lot. 

 He told me he was in the importation business, that he brought in goods which he sold at a lot of profit. He gave me the impression that he had a lot of money- it was later when it was almost too late that I found out it was all a facade.

 Anyway, we became very close and with time, a relationship blossomed between us. Within a short time of dating, we got married. 

 Looking back today, I don't know if that man used a charm on me to make me fall in love with him. Even Beatrice said the same thing when I told her we were getting married.

 'Ha, so soon? What's the rush?" were her words. But I felt there was no need waiting since we liked each other so much.

 The first signs that things were not alright was immediately after the marriage ceremony which was a simple one by choice. 

 I felt since it was my second attempt at wedlock, there was no need for an extravagant ceremony even though I could afford it. 

 Two days after we got married, Robinson moved into my house with the excuse that he was having problems with his landlord over unpaid rent.

 "But why is your rent late? You have the money, so pay him," I said. He then told me about a business deal he had gone into that went bad, making him lose a lot of money.

 "I'm short of cash now so please bear with me, dear," he said.

 He had told me earlier that his house that was under construction would become our marital home as soon as it was completed. 

 I believed him as I did not think he would lie to me. But it was all lies, he had no building and even where he was living prior to moving in with me was a friend's flat. 

The friend had relocated abroad leaving the apartment for him and he could not meet up with the payment of the rent when the lease expired.

 I found out about all these much later and other things besides. By then, we were fully in the marriage and it was too late to get out. 

 Within a year, I gave birth to my third daughter, Patricia followed three years later by my son, Greg. 

All along, we were having problems in the marriage and I knew it was a mistake getting together with him. 

 He never contributed much to the family welfare; all he did was spend my money, drink and gamble with the money he often stole from me. 

 He was a loser and I regretted marrying him.

 To add to my woes, my oldest daughter, Una, who had grown into a very beautiful girl had joined the girls in my restaurant in hustling for men. 

I had tried my best to keep her away from that side of my business to no avail. I could not keep an eye on her all the time as I had a business to run. 

Una was aware of my past life, how I had had her at a very young age and the impact it had on my life. I wanted her to focus on her education as she would stand a better chance in life with that.

 "Your education should be your priority for now. Forget about men for now. They will always be there; in fact, when you are ready for marriage, suitors will be many because of the way you look. 

 But first things first. Please, don't let your life be ruined because you are in a hurry to enjoy life, have fun as you young girls put it," I had advised her.

 But the girl did not listen to me. Later, I heard of her escapades, how she would leave the expensive boarding school I had put her with a group of her friends and go to town to attend parties with men old enough to be her father and grandfather. 

 There was nothing I did not do- I talked to her like a mother should, scolded her, petted her and even beat her at times when I got really angry with her. 

 But nothing helped.

 Due to her lack of focus in school, she graduated with very poor grades. If that was the only thing that happened, I would not have minded that much as she could always retake the exams later. 

 But do you know this girl returned home from school with a two months old pregnancy? She was even trying to abort it with pills she had taken in the dormitory. 

 It was when she was rushed to the school clinic with severe stomach pains the truth came out.
 Luckily, no damage had been done both to her and the unborn child. So, at the age of 18, Una became a mother. It was like history was repeating itself as I had her so young.

 After that, I thought she had learnt her lesson and would be more careful in future in her dealings with men. 

 How wrong I was! A few years later, she had another baby, this time for one of my customers. I was really angry and upset with her but what could I do? She was still my child and I could not disown her no matter what she had done. 

 To add to my pain, her younger sister, Ruby also began to tow the same line as Una as soon as she left secondary school. 

She would go out for days with different men and return home drunk and smelling of cigarrette smoke and other smells. Her wayward behaviour worsened when she got admission to the University. 

 The person I told to keep an eye on her at school would often call to inform me that Ruby was hardly in school as she was always travelling all over the place for parties and other events. 

 I felt bad at what was happening to my children. I had brought them up properly so why did they turn out so badly? 

 What did I do wrong? Was it nemesis, paying me back for something I had done in my life, either personal or business? Or sins I had committed in a previous life?

 Some say I'm a bad mother who did not teach my children proper values of life and that is the reason they ended up the way they did.

  I had done my best under the circumstances to raise them even without the support of a husband. 

 Having a man as Robinson for a husband was pointless as he was completely useless as a helper. He was not just lazy, he was a womaniser also. 

 He was even dating one of my friends without my knowledge. It was after a big quarrel we had that the truth was revealed.

 "Shameless man! After all I've done for you! This is how you pay me back. Get out of my house; go and stay with her since you love her so much!" I fumed at him. 

 I was really angry with him and wanted to throw him out but he pleaded, begged, stating it would never happen again. I forgave him and we made up.

 If I had known what would come after, I would have kicked his sorry ass to the curb. About six months later, I found out Ruby was pregnant. 

 Thinking it was one of her boyfriends, I insisted on meeting the man so he could be responsible for the baby as I was against abortion.

 The silly girl refused to disclose the name of the man who got her pregnant until I threatened to beat her up.

 Then she opened up and my world fell apart...

 Who got Ruby pregnant?

  We shall conclude Gina's story tomorrow. Don't miss it as its full of surprises!

  Do have a wonderful weekend!

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