Gina'sCross (6) serving time

Gina'a Cross (6) serving time


I gazed between the bars of the van as it drove away from the court premises. I could see my children Una and Ruby, standing in the courtyard, looking dazed, sorrowful. Tears streamed down Una's face, her hands on her head, weeping bitterly.

  It was too late for tears now as my fate had been decided by the judge earlier.
  Fifteen years jail term. With hard labour and no option of parole, the judge had pronounced.

  My lawyer said I was lucky.

  "It could have been worse. It could have been death sentence as it's a murder case," he had stated.
Death sentence, twenty years behind bars, I did not care. And I had no regret. I would do what I did all over again if the situation presented itself.

 He deserved to die. The scumbag who slept with my daughter and got her pregnant.

 Robinson. My late husband. 

 Yes, Ruby eventually confessed, about how they had been having an affair for some months resulting in the pregnancy.

 My own husband sleeping with my child, his step daughter! What responsible man does that? An evil man, I believe.

 So, he had to die. I shot him, ending his miserable existence.

  The only regret I have is my children, who will now be completely alone, with no mother or father for support.

 I had to have my story written to set the records straight as some people have been saying all kinds of bad things about me since I went to prison.

  They say I deserve what has happened to me, that I have lived a promiscuous life which my daughters had emulated, that I was into all kinds of shady businesses and my wealth was not from a clean source, that it was blood money and all kinds of stories.

  Most of what they and all the other detractors and enemies of mine are saying about me are mere fabrications. 

 Its all 'bad belly' and envy. I have never been involved in rituals or fetish things in my life. 

 Ok, I admit I have done some businesses such as the 'Client services' that one could say was a shady business, making money from my young female workers' bodies. 

  But is that enough for them to want to crucify and judge me? 

 I believe it's unfair for anyone to judge me or my life considering what I have gone through in life beginning from the rape at the tender age of fifteen and having a baby so young. 

 Or what do you think, dear readers?


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