I And The Spiritualist EPISODE 2

I And The Spiritualist EPISODE 2

 He looked at me and stated:

 "My daughter, rejoice for your troubles are over. You are in the home of wonders and miracles. So, your miracle is at hand."

 I don't know how to describe the feeling but it was like a great burden was lifted from my shoulders and I felt a kind of peace I had not known for some time.

 Later, he gave me a list of items I would need for a spiritual cleansing that he said would make my womb attractive to babies. 

 I was to return in a week's time for the cleansing to begin.

 I was ready to do whatever he told me if that would give me a child so I quickly got the items. The following week, I returned to the man. 

 My husband was not aware that I had visited a spiritualist; I knew he would not approve so on the day my appointment, I told Ben I was visiting my friend Belinda who was very ill. 

 It was a lie but I needed an alibi to cover up my tracks.

 On my arrival, I was taken to a room in the main house attached to the man's consulting room.
  My escort, a young lady told me to undress and handed me a long, cream colored gown like a caftan, to wear.

 After I put it on, we went to another place. It was a long hall with an altar and a long row of benches facing it. 

 There were other people, mostly women already seated. They were all dressed uniformly in the same robe like the type I had on.

 I sat down and waited in anticipation.

 A short while later, the spiritualist came in. In his long white robe, he looked different from the first time I met him.

 A service of sorts started which was like a normal worship service with singing, clapping and dancing.
 Thereafter, the main deliverance programme started.

 Those of us who were looking for the fruit of the womb were called to the front. I went and knelt down among the other women who numbered over a hundred.

 I could see him anointing some of the women to my left. Some were convulsing as if they had epilepsy. I heard a woman scream and began to roll on the ground.

 She caused quite a commotion but the spiritualist and the assistants that followed him ignored her and moved down the line.

 Soon, it got to my turn.

 He rubbed some olive oil vigorously on my forehead, all the while speaking in tongues. At a point, I began to feel dizzy and before I knew what was happening, I was lying flat on my back on the ground.

 Later, an attendant led me to a seat where I relaxed for a while.

 I must have slept off because the next thing I knew, someone was tapping me on the shoulder. It was one of the spiritualist's assistants.

 I looked round the hall. All seemed quiet. The anointing service was over and many of the women were lying around on the benches and even on the ground.

 The place was cold and I shivered a little. I had no watch on me but I knew it must have been very late.

   Under a spell
 "The master wants to see you," the man, an assistant said. Thinking it was part of the deliverance service, I followed him.

 He led me to a room that was lit with a candle and nothing else.

 Seated behind a large table was the spiritualist, still wearing his robe.

 The assistant bowed to him and left the room, leaving me alone with the man he called Master.

 "Come closer. Don't be afraid," the spiritualist said, smiling genially at me. 

He asked me how I found the service and I told him it was ok. 

 "But I'm tired now and I'll like to go home and sleep," I told him, suppressing a yawn.

 "You can sleep here," he stated pointing a finger to his right. For the first time, I noticed a large bed at the other end of the room. 

 He then told me there was something he still had to do for the deliverance to be effective so my womb could open up for babies.

 "Lie down," he said. Perhaps by then, I was under a spell or something because I simply got up and went to the bed.

 The man brought out a bottle of anointing oil and began to rub it on my stomach, muttering things I couldn't understand under his breath.

A strange feeling came over me as if my spirit was drifting away from my body.

My limbs became weak and I could not even lift my arms to push the man away as I felt him undressing me and fondling my body, kissing and caressing my breasts and thighs before climbing on top of me...

 I woke to bright sunshine which streamed in through the windows in the room.

 At first, my mind was blank, the events of the previous night came flooding in and I sat up abruptly.

 I felt dazed and confused. Did that spiritualist actually have sex with me or was it all a bad dream?

 As if in answer, the man came into the room then from the adjoining bathroom, a towel tied round his waist. He had just taken a shower and water still dripped from his body.

 I broke into tears when I saw him.
"You took advantage of me! You're a wicked man!" I screamed at him.
 He simply smiled and sat on the bed.

 "How are you this morning, my dear?" he asked. He tried to draw me to him but I shrank from him. 

 He then explained that his sleeping with me was part of the deliverance service, that it was what will enable me get pregnant. 

 I was not ready to listen. I jumped up from the bed, hurriedly dressed and ran out of the room as if demons were after me.

 "See you next week, dear!" I heard the man say.

  I was full of guilt as I went home. I felt bad that I had allowed another man to touch me, making me betray my husband.

 I also felt used and deceived by the man. What kind of deliverance involved my sleeping with the prophet? 'Lecherous fool,' I fumed.

 The deliverance was supposed to last a month but I swore never to return to that place again.

 But when I told Belinda what had transpired between the spiritualist and I, she did not see anything wrong with it.

 "If that's what will make you get pregnant, so be it," she bluntly stated.

 "But it's wrong! I've never cheated on my husband since we got married. I feel bad that I did this to him. What if he finds out? He'll kill me!"

 "Who's going to tell him?" she queried. "Look, Fina. The most important thing is for you to get pregnant. It doesn't matter what you do to achieve your goal. Just try to bear it.

 "Remember that your in-laws are beginning to lose patience with you and if you are not careful, they might bring in another wife for their son to bear children for him."
to be continued....
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