Reasons Why You Should Date A Blogger

In old stories which we have heard from our grandparents, A prince come for the princess on a white horse and get married to her. It sounds so imaginary because in real life our prince doesn’t come on a white horse.

We at will love to share this article with you, on why you should date a Blogger..... continue reading below..

hmmmm ok lets start this way. 
Nowadays any girl doesn’t imagine this kind of things, what she imagine is “Someone Special” will come in her life and her life will be changed. Here the meaning of “CHANGE” changes girl to girl. Some want a rich “Someone special” and some want understanding and caring “Someone special”. This “Someone special” is not always the prince of any state. Nowadays he is a doctor, engineer or owner of an empire lol (God is watching u oooooo).

OK Now, what about a Blogger as that “Someone special”???

I mean Bloggers have all those qualities which girls expect nowadays. So, why not to date a Blogger? I know, you have a counter question that Why a Girl Should Date A Blogger?

Reasons Why You Should Date A Blogger

So, here are the reasons. I bet after reading this you will strongly agree with my point that Bloggers are the best date a girl can ever have.

First, Why dating is important? Why should one date before marriage? I remember one famous quote of someone; one should work on their marriage before their marriage. Because it is the best time to work on it.

Bloggers have some special characteristics (let me just say i do) which they own by birth or they would have developed while blogging. Generally, most of the girls hope for these qualities in their partners.

Open Minded

I Believe every girl wants an open-minded boyfriend. No girl like a boyfriend who is stick to his own thinking and perception, who is not ready to accept any new idea of his girl, So if you want to be in a relationship with an open minded guy then Bloggers are the best choice because Bloggers don’t live in a box. They are out of the box thinker. They are always open minded. They welcome change easily and happily.

Can Read Between The Lines

It is always the main reason for most of the relationship that my partner never understands things before I say. If you want a partner who can read between the lines, who can understand your feelings without your saying then Bloggers are the best candidates, because they have this practice of reading between the line while blogging.

We are too busy with our work to think about other girls in the world! So don’t worry, We wont
cheat on you.
We'll say we have deadlines to get out of stuff. 
But the truth is we've run out of clean floor space for framing our Instagrams, haven't had time to tackle the dishes for the past week, and a night in washing out our dry shampoo just sounds like heaven.

Notices Everything With Clarity

Reasons Why You Should Date A Blogger

Whenever a girl makes changes in her dressing style or hair style, she wants that her man should notice it and compliment it. Bloggers have good noticing power. They notice every little thing about you. They notice everything with clarity. They will notice even the smallest change in your style or behavior.


Nowadays on Social Media, we go through so many quotes about confidence. Like, “Confidence is sexy”, “Confidence is the best outfit you can wear” and so on. In real life also confident people attract us regardless of look. Every girl like a confident guy, to whom she can introduce to her friends and family with confident. Bloggers are always confident. They are easy with meeting people and interacting with them.

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happy endings penny dancing with laptop


Honesty is one of the base elements of any relationship. Bloggers never forget to give credit to other’s work. So, if they are these much honest with their work then think what will be the level of honesty with their love?


Bloggers read so many things, so they have a broader view of everything. They will understand everything you will say or do. They will never bound you for anything, and we know that every girl wants an understanding guy.


Bloggers are always dedicated to their work. They complete their work before the deadline. They post on their blog regularly. So they will never make you waiting on your date. They also have a brave heart. They never give up on anything. Either it’s his blog or his relationship.

Caring Nature

Bloggers are passionate about everything they do. Here I emphasize on EVERYTHING. Either it is blogging or any other activities. They try to do their best in whatever they do. So if you date a blogger, he will take care of yours with his best.

Financial Security

Nowadays Bloggers are earning handsome amount of money by blogging. Even event bloggers also earn huge amount of money. So, a blogger can satisfy all your materialistic needs as well. If you are dating any successful blogger you will be secured financially ( if na watin u dey find OYO na your name...lolx).

Explore New Stuff

Bloggers are always curious about anything new. Whether its new dish to try or exploring new places. So, if you are dating a blogger, you will come to know so many new things. It will be too romantic to explore new things than sitting with each other and doing nothing.

Way Of Compliment

It’s one of the proven ways to win a girl’s heart- Compliment her. Every girl like when someone compliments her. But when her man compliments her, nothing is more special than his words. Bloggers have their unique way to describe anything. They magnify any positive point of a particular product very nicely. So, they have unique and heart winning style to compliment his girl.


We are entrepreneurs, We love to stand on our own and not under some Fat-Bottom !

Regular Good morning/Good night texts

Girls like every small effort made by her guy. Even a single good morning or good night text also makes her day too pretty. Bloggers are habituated to post on their blog regularly. So similarly if you are in a relationship with a blogger, they will message you regularly without fail.

Creative Surprises

Who doesn’t like to get surprises?? That also from our “Special One” But it’s like icing on the cake when our “Special One” gives a special gift to us. Bloggers are used to think creative to make their post more interesting and drive more readers. So they will always surprise you in a creative way.

We can read you like a book.

Reasons Why You Should Date A Blogger
Her life is literally an open
book blog.

You have An Extra Option For Gift

Instead of gifting boring stuff like T-shirts, watches, perfumes or show pieces you can gift different thing to your blogger boyfriend. They always have their list of future posts. You can pick any interesting title and write a cool post for him. He will be happier with this gift and it will be also beneficial to your budget.

Easy To Impress

If you want to impress any blogger you don’t need a classy dress or anything materialistic. What you need is a good Photoshop skill or creative photography skill, because bloggers are damn crazy about photographs.

Now I hope you got all the points which I wanted to convey. Bloggers have nice mind as well as a nice heart filled with all the qualities a girl want in her guy. Never have the myth that bloggers are always busy with their laptop and posts.

  • If you won’t find Us or We go missing, don’t worry about complaining to police, We will Probably be in the nearest Internet cafe!

  • We have a lot of Brand Value in the Blogosphere, at some point you’ll feel like a Celeb Gf or Wife!

They are their own boss, so they can free their time whenever they want, whenever you want.

I am not saying that every girl should date Bloggers only. What I am trying to say is dating with blogger is Dating with Dignity. You get all your wishes fulfilled and social respect as well.

It may happen that I might have forgotten to mention any other key qualities of Bloggers. So if you know any of them, please don’t forget to mention it in the comment.

Feel free to review this post and feel extra free to share this post. Share this post and shout out to the world that why dating a blogger is better?

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