Story Promo (The Chief's Pride)

                         Story Promo (The Chief's Pride)

 Starting today, we bring you our new series The Chief's Pride which centres around Isi, a girl whose materialistic quest for the good things of life ends in a way she never envisaged...

 It begins this evening  (6pm)so watch out for it!


 One evening, Kira and I were returning from a late lecture when we ran into Jenny. She was lounging with about three other girls around her car, smoking and drinking what looked like alcohol.

 Loud dancehall music blared from the car as if they were in a niteclub. 
 Jenny beckoned us over.

 "I want you girls to come with us to a party this weekend," she stated, blowing a ring of smoke in our faces.

 Kira and I exchanged glances...

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