The Chief's Pride (2) million dollar baby

The Chief's Pride (2) million dollar baby
Chief T as I called him, was the chairman of a group of companies with investments both in Nigeria and abroad.

 He was slim, with average height with a thick mane of hair liberally sprinkled with grey. He was in his 60s and married with two wives and many children.

 Chief showed interest in me at the party and the very next day, he sent one of his men to pick me up from school to meet him at his guesthouse but I refused.

 When Jenny heard about it, she was really angry with me and scolded me harshly.

 "Isi, do you know you are a very lucky girl?" she stated a few days after the party, the ubiquitous cigarrette in her hand.

 "Chief is one of the richest men in the country and I know lots of girls who would do anything, and I mean just about anything to get close to him. You've this golden opportunity and you are acting like a fool!

 "Girl, wise up! The next time he sends for you, go! You need to grow up and stop acting 
like a nun in a convent. This is the real world and it's survival of the fittest!"

  Despite that, I still refused to date Chief.

 "Why do you hate me so much?" he queried one day when he came to visit me in school. We were in his car in front of my hall. 

 I told him I did not hate him but was not interested in any relationship for now.

 "Who said anything about a relationship? I want us to be just friends!"

 I smiled, wondering what kind of friendship could there possibly be between an extremely wealthy, worldly wise elderly man and a young girl like me?

 That day, before leaving, he gave me an envelope. Later in my room, I opened it and saw it was stuffed with dollars, about five thousand.

 I was used to money but I had never seen so much cash in my life.

 I wanted to return the money but Ivy, my friend and roommate was against it.
 "It's just a gift so keep it. Besides, we need some money around here. You know I'm broke as my parents haven't sent me my allowance. So, of you don't want it, you can hand it over to me," she stated, stretching her hand towards me. 

 I kept the money but it did not change my mind about dating him. You see, I was still very young and naive back then, not the tough hustler I later became.

  Anyway, Chief kept pestering me and sending me all kinds of gifts that I finally accepted to have dinner with him. 
 He took Ivy and I and we had a nice time. He was very nice to me, treating me in a such considerate manner that I began to soften to him.

 About two months after we first met, Chief had to travel on a business trip to the U.K and he wanted me to accompany him.

 But I was in the middle of exams so I declined his offer.

  A rich man's plaything
 We had just resumed for the new session when he invited me on another foreign trip. This time, I accepted.

 We were there for about two weeks and I had a swell time. 

 That was how I started going out with Chief. Being with him was a whole new experience for me. He spoilt me rotten getting me all kinds of things including a car, a Volkswagen Bug.

 He did not want me to be trekking round the campus under the hot sun, he explained when he presented the car o me. Knowing I would be in trouble with my parents if they found out about the car, I told Ivy to claim she was the owner in case my parents ever saw me driving it.

 Chief loved me so much and was ready to do anything for me.
 "Anything you want, just name it. It's all yours!" he often told me.

  "You are like the morning dew, Isi, my baby girl. Fresh, light, clean," he said. Then cupping my face in his hands, he added: "Your face, glowing like the full moon. Your body, your breasts succulent and softer than the softest pillow. Your eyes dark like a raven's wings, your..."

 "Chief, stop!" I said as I burst into laughter. "I never knew you were such a poet. Ha ha ha!"

 He smiled fondly at me, then drew me close.
 "Come, my sweet. Come rub my back. Let me feel those your delicate hands on me once more!"

 We had a good rapport, Chief and I. The only problem with the relationship was his jealousy and possessiveness. He hated seeing me with other guys even my classmates and male friends.

 There was a day he came to see me in school and saw me talking with some male friends after class one afternoon.

One of them was holding my hand and we were just laughing and fooling around as students do.

Chief was so angry, he almost beat me that day.

"Don't I do enough for you?" he screamed at me. "How can you allow those boys to touch you like that? I don't ever want to see any of those silly boys around you again!"

What next? The story continues...9th......

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