The Chief's Pride (3) double life

The Chief's Pride (3) double life

I was really shocked at Chief's reaction. I was not dating any of the guys so what was he so mad about, I wondered. Later, after he had calmed down, he apologised, blaming his outburst on his love for me.

"You know you're my sunshine, my heartthrob. My pride. You've brought so much happiness into my life and I don't want to lose you, Isi," he stated. He held me close, caressing my face and hair.

"You scared me, Chief! I've never seen you so angry!" I said.
To make up for it, he bought me a house, a large duplex in a choice part of the city.

It was my 19th birthday and it was his gift to me.

"Aren't you lucky, Isi! You are already a landlady at your age! I'm jealous o!" Ivy declared when I showed her the house documents.

I hid them well as my parents would faint if they found out about the house. Infact, I ensured I kept the affair with Chief T a secret as I knew they would not approve. 

They would be disappointed that their young daughter whom they believed was still a virgin, could be dating a 'sugar daddy'.

So, not to break their hearts, Chief was my big secret. I ensured he was never around whenever they came to visit me in school.

They hardly ever came anyway as they were both very busy with their respective jobs.

I lived a double life.

At home, during the holidays, I behaved like their young, innocent daughter with no care in the world. But at school, I was a different person; a spoilt, young mistress, a rich man's plaything who traveled to different parts of the world and shopped in expensive stores.

With time, I became used to this lifestyle, a high class one. I wore expensive clothes that even my Mum did not wear and moved around in cars only the super rich could afford.

I also started moving with different class of girls, babes like me who were into rich, older men.

Kira, who had been my friend since my first year in school, was no longer among my close friends.
She was not in support of my new lifestyle specially my association with Chief T. She often told me that my new way of life was wrong and I would regret it in future.
I did not care and neither did Ivy who liked Chief and gained a lot from him in terms of money and other gifts.

Since my house was too big and faraway from campus for me to stay, I decided to rent it out. I became a very rich student from the rent and the large sums of money Chief regularly paid into my account.

In my final year, Chief did not want me to stay on campus anymore, for fear of losing me.

"I don't want any student hanging around you," he said.

So, he rented a nice apartment for me off-campus not too far from my school. He used to spend a lot of time with me there whenever he was free from his business obligations.

His love for me kept growing stronger till it became an obsession. At a point, he even started talking about marriage, about making me his wife.

That got me thinking. Much as I liked him, there was no way on earth I could marry Chief. Come on, how could I marry a man who was even older than my father? Both my parents were in their 40s while Chief was well over 60.

My parents would go ballistic if I ever brought someone as old as he was home as a suitor. 
But I kept such thoughts to myself and just continued to enjoy Chief's love and attention.

Then, the unexpected happened. Chief fell sick. Infact, he had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital.

I got the news from Don, one of his assistants. I felt bad when I heard what had happened to Chief. I had grown very fond of him. He had been taking very good care of me, pampering me  and treating me like a princess.

Apart from his jealousy, he was not a bad man. I prayed and hoped that he would recover and return home hale and fine as before...

Will Chief recover? Details coming soon! Have a blessed day everyone

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