The Chief's Pride (4) shadows

                The Chief's Pride (4) shadows
My prayers did not seem to work. Chief died about two weeks after he fell ill. I was in a state of shock over his death. How could he just die like that, I kept thinking. It was a big blow to me.

I remembered all he had done for me and I wept as if I had lost a member of my family.

After mourning Chief for a while, I recovered myself and started going out again. I dated a few older men, because by this time, I found most of the young men interested in me, immature. I was not attracted to them at all.

Because of Chief T and the way he pampered me, I had got used to a certain lifestyle which very few young men could afford.

Later, I began to date Chief Etah, another business magnate who reminded me a bit of Chief T. 

While my new 'sugar daddy' treated me fairly well, he was not as generous as Chief T who spoilt me with money, gifts and attention. I was not the only mistress Chief Ettah kept for he had several others. 

I even knew one of my 'rivals' as she was in my school though a year my junior.

I stayed with Chief Ettah for a purpose; I wanted him to bankroll the business I plan setting up when I left school.

 I had no intention of working for anyone after graduation but to be my own boss and an entrepreneur. I wanted to open a top class boutique with a spa, beauty centre and other services.

 I had discussed it earlier with Chief T when he was alive and he had promised to set it up for me. But with his death, my new sugar daddy had to pick up the bill, I reasoned.

 I had been with Chief Ettah for about five months when I got pregnant. It had happened twice before with Chief T and I had had to have a D and C.

 He had been against my having an abortion.

 "I want you to have this baby, Isi. I love you and want to marry you. So keep it. Please."
 But I argued that since I was still in school, it was not possible as it would affect my studies.
  Now, here I was again with another pregnancy, this time a few months before my graduation.

  I had no option but to have another operation. While doing it, something went wrong and I had to be rushed to a specialist hospital where I was treated for severe blood loss and other issues. 

 Luckily, I survived.

 But at great cost to my future happiness and fulfillment as a woman as you will find out from my story...

  Young lover
 Finally school was over and it was time to serve my country. I was posted to Port Harcourt for the mandatory NYSC programme and it was while serving there that I met Reg.

 We met at a party held in town and right from the start, we kind of hit it off. Reg was the first young guy since Frankie, my former boyfriend that dumped me back at school, that I was attracted to.

 He made me break my unspoken rule: no dating of young men at least until I was ready for marriage.

 What was it about Reg that made me break my rule? Ok, he was very attractive. He was quite rich too and from a good family background as the son of a traditional ruler in the state. Thus he was royalty.

 But it was not these qualities alone that drew me to him. Maybe, he reminded me of Chief T, like he was a younger version of my late sugar daddy...

 Whatever it was, I found myself being entangled with Reg more and more. As for him, he fell madly in love with me within a short period of our meeting.

 One day, we were hanging out at a fun spot in town when he said:

 "Isi, I hope you like living in PH."

 "What do you mean?" I queried, looking at him curiously.

  He took my hand in his before saying:

 "Because if I have my way, you won't be returning to Lagos!"

  "But my family, all my friends are there! I've my roots there," I noted.

  "You can start a new family here. Beginning with me," he said, pointing his thumb at his chest.

 I smiled, guessing at what he meant: making our relationship more permanent.

 By then, I was in love with him and I did not really mind taking our love to another level. I had nothing to lose, I reasoned. All I had to do was get rid of Chief Ettah and one other sugar daddy I saw occasionally and focus on Reg.

 I already had a few properties and lots of money from my 'runs' activities. Perhaps, I thought it was time I 'retired' and thought about my future

 Reg had the qualities my parents would love as their future son-in-law. I knew they would approve of him instead of the 'oldies' I had dated throughout my campus days.

 So, when some months after we met, he suggested I met his parents for formal introduction, I readily agreed.

 As we drove to his parents house that evening, I was in high spirits and looked forward to meeting his family.

 As things turned out, my life was about to take a twist I never dreamed or imagined. All thanks to my past...
 To be continued. The rest of Isi's story will be posted soon. Don't miss it!

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