The Chief's Pride (6) seeds

The Chief's Pride (6) seeds

"Why, Isi? Do you have an idea of the mess you've created? Do you? How are you going to sort this out?" Reg demanded angrily.

 He had been pacing restlessly round the living room of his apartment for sometime since their return from the hospital. 

Isi sat crying quietly, her head buried in her hands.

He stopped pacing and stood in front of her.

He gazed down at her for a moment, a mixture of anger, anguish and despair etched on his handsome face.

Then he lifted her up and shaking her by the shoulder stated:

"Tell me, how are you going to clean up this mess? How, Isi? How am I going to break this news to my parents? That the girl I want to marry barren? That you can't bear children? My God!"

He let her go and she fell by his feet, weeping bitterly.

"I'm so sorry, Reg! So sorry!" she stated as tears flowed profusely down her face. 

He went and stood by the window, gazing at the large hibiscus plant by the side of the house. It had begun to blossom, red lovely flowers sprouting from its different parts, creating a riot of colour.

 All that beauty was wasted on him for his mind was in a turmoil, trying to come to grips with the doctor's revelations...
 "The tests show that an abortion Isi had some time in the past has caused such severe damage to her womb, it has weakened it badly, making it impossible for her to conceive and carry a pregnancy. Infact, her chances of getting pregnant are next to nil as it has affected other parts of her reproductive system..."

 Any other doctor and he would have doubted the diagnosis. But Dr Patrick had been the family doctor since he was a child and could be trusted.

 'God, how could this have happened? What are we going to do now?' he thought glumly. He could imagine his parents' reaction on hearing the news.

 They would be disappointed. The whole family had been looking forward to the wedding just a month away. Now this. He could see disaster looming and was unsure on how to avert it.

 If only Isi had opened up to him, perhaps the situation would have been saved. But she had kept it a secret from him. 

 Who knew what else she was hiding from him, he thought as he turned to stare at her still sprawled on the floor, crying.

 "Why didn't you tell me? That you had this kind of problem?" he asked shortly.

  She looked up at him, her eyes red rimmed from all the weeping. She was still in a state of shock over what the doctor said about her condition, and the implications for her and her future with Reg.

  She shook her head then stated:

 "I didn't know, Reg. that's the truth. After the abortion, there were some complications and I had to be treated at another hospital. But I didn't know it had resulted in this- that I've become barren. No one told me.

 "Please forgive me, Reg," she pleaded earnestly. Then, taking a deep breath, she added: "As things stand, we have to call off the wedding. For your parents' sake as I'm certain they won't want someone like me to marry their son."

 "Says who?" he retorted. He walked quickly up to her and lifted her up.

 He placed her on the couch and sat besides her.

 "Look, Isi, it won't come to that. Wait," he said, as she wanted to interrupt him. "I'm angry with you because you kept such a serious thing from me. But you said you were unaware of your condition. I won't condemn you because everyone has a past, including me.

 "I still love you. My love for you won't change because of what has happened. We'll look for a way to weather this storm and forge ahead, ok? That means, going ahead with the wedding. I'll find a way of convincing my parents. It won't be easy because of my position as their heir but we have to try. Our love will see us through. So, stop crying, love," he said. 

 He brought out a hankie from his pocket and began to wipe her face. But his kind words just made her cry more. He gathered her in his arms and patted her back, murmuring consoling words to her...

 Two days later...

 Isi stood in the middle of the living room. By her feet was her travelling bag, packed with everything she owned in Reg's house. 

 Everything except for her engagement ring. It lay on the centre table, where she had left it. It was her last connection with Reg; now severed so he could be free.

 Though he had sworn to stick with her, despite everything, she knew it would be impossible considering his position. He was a Prince and heir to his father's throne so marrying someone like her would be a hindrance to him. Cause problems for him with his parents, create tension and unnecessary conflict in his family.

 She could not allow him to go through that because of her, his love of her.

 So that morning, when he had left to his parents to tell them about her condition and plead understanding so the wedding can go on, she had stated:

 "Ok, honey. Thanks so much for being so supportive. I'll be here, waiting. So, come back to me soon."

 She held him close, kissing him, clinging to him, unwilling to let go.

  By the ring was a short note she had left for him, telling him her reason for ending things between them and canceling the wedding.

 "Please don't look for me as I won't change my mind. I love you, Reg and will always do. Stay well, my love..."

 She glanced round the room for the last time, and as she remembered all the happy moments she and Reg had shared there, tears filled her eyes.

 She wiped the tears away, then picking up her bag, headed for the door. And out of his life for good...
  I had no one to blame but myself for the way things ended up with Reg. He deserved better. I was damaged goods, an empty shell, not fit for someone like him- decent, loving, caring. A Prince who needed someone clean, pure not a messed up person like me. 

 I was paying for my sins, for the horrible lifestyle I lived back in school. I could not feel sorry for myself or indulge in self pity as I had no one to blame for how my life turned out. 

 I was reaping the bitter fruits of the seeds I had sown...

The End!
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