The responses are always predictably that of heated criticism,mockery and insults.
We scoff at these people like they are the dregs of the society the epitome of shame.
I was in a heated discussion yesterday about the airtel staff caught in pictures having sex. This picture has been manly publicised by blogs.
They were allegedly married to other people,sent on an official mission abroad and were having an affair.
Two married people with separate families.
Then there was also this video of a female bank manager who had sex with her worker and got exposed in the media.
The pictures had moralistic people gloating,yes! this was some sort of divine justice to expose wrong doers,fornicators and of course adulterers.
The other side of the argument was
1)Why were they having sex during their duties.”mixing pleasure with work”
2)They were wrong,they are adulterers
3)Adulterers should be exposed because they are hurting their partners with their acts
4)It should serve as a lesson to prospective perpetrators of the act
I Being of a mixed stance(mostly liberal but conservative about some things) and as  much as I respect their opinion and concur to an extent,I stated my own points and made my position known
..Legally,it is an intrusion on privacy to publish unauthorised pictures of people. “They were having sex in a hotel room”.It is not the business of the public. Whatever amorous,lecherous act they were carrying out was done in private and the pictures were personal pictures. The law has no business with the morality or lack thereof of the people.
We support and laugh because they are adulterers if we can allow this,then we can allow the privacy of married people to be intruded upon, after all,we want to watch sexual scenes,After all,they are adulterers! “free pictures”.but someone is paying for it and if we cannot speak against it,then we should not say anything if secret cameras are mounted in the bedrooms of people all in the bid to show sex scenes.
It is not their marital status that matters but the substance of the matter is that they are free people like you and their fundamental liberties are being breached.
From the realistic point of view,we know that these pictures do not correct anything. They are the seas in which bloggers thrive in for publicity and traffic,it doesn’t make any difference to them, what is being corrected?as you’re reading this,someone somewhere is having adulterous sex. The only thing it teaches is for them to be more careful. These ones were just culprits,fall guys,the heads that have to hang on a pike,meanwhile the evil is still entrenched in us
After all,the eleventh commandment is “don’t be caught”
Even morally,I can’t find anything to justify it.
Adultery is a sin. its horrid and painful to the partners but is there a sin the creator cannot forgive?are they the worst off? The important question remains “are those chastising them any better”
How many people in our midst are free of sexual immorality? Also from a biblical perspective any kind of illegitimate sex,pre-marital or extra-marital is sin.”when you look at a woman lust fully,you have committed adultery with her in your heart
These were the exact words of Jesus.
So,how many of us are free from sin if we are to be judged by that standard? Was Jesus not a liberal man? Did he allow the adulteress to be stoned? Did he not show mercy to the robber on the cross? Let’s ask ourselves this,if Jesus was on the scene of the Aluu burning,would he have approved of it?
Jesus accused the Samaritan woman of adultery,but did he broadcast it in the town of Samaria for the woman to be mocked and disgraced among her people?
Did he not speak to her personally?.
if the accusers were trying to score a moral point,they should have spoken to the culprits personally or at least informed their spouses rather than publicising it all over the web and the world.
In the end,we do more harm than good.
-Jobs will be lost
-Marriages will be broken.(indeed,the spouses may have forgiven them in ordinary circumstances but when something like this is made public,it becomes a thing of ego and a huge blow for anyone to handle)in the end,things in marriages should be kept between the married.
-Trust will be forever eroded
-Their children will bear the brunt. Imagine a child growing up to look upon the naked image of his mother in the act of adultery or his father.what emotional trauma matches that? indeed it becomes terrible for everyone except the entertained viewers and satisfied publicist who are on to the next one and d lives of those involved takes a downward tilt.
Lets not forget that there can be no justice in the world.
The ultimate justice is that of the creator.You’re not God’s agent on earth 2 carry out his judgement on others.

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