Good News: Jiji Is Now Data Free

If you’re tired of overpaying for your mobile data usage and want to be able to buy and sell with Jiji absolutely for free, than here are the news that will make you happy! From now on, all Airtel users in Nigeria get an opportunity for unlimited use of Jiji on their mobile phones completely free of charge! Want to find out how it works and what you need to do? Check out this quick guide!

How does it work?

Everyone who has ever sold or bought anything online has probably heard of, a large Nigerian marketplace that is the perfect meeting spot for sellers and buyers. Jiji is available both on desktop and mobile, which is especially convenient for users who prefer to browse the goods on their mobile phones. However, since mobile data in Nigeria is famously expensive, a lot of users were dreaming of a day when Jiji would become free to use on mobile. And now their dream has come true, as the agreement between Jiji and Airtel has finally arrived in full force.
Guy Using Smart Phone
Thanks to the agreement between Jiji, a huge marketplace in Nigeria, and Airtel, one of the most popular Nigerian mobile service providers, you can now access from your mobile phone without paying anything. How awesome is that?

What do you need to do?

The service is called Free Basics and needs to be switched on in your mobile phone. If you’re an Airtel user and have a smartphone, you’ll need to open Opera Mini browser and access the Free Basics website from your search pane, bookmarks or simply type in There you’ll see categories of websites and services that you can use for free, like Jobs, Communication, Learning, etc. You need to scroll to the bottom of the page, where you’ll see a link saying “Add More Free Services”, and you’ll be taken to a catalogue of free pages and services. There you can either browse the catalogue to find Jiji, or you can use the search field on top of the page to search for “”. Next you’ll see Jiji in the search results with a plus sign on the right. Click the plus sign, then click “Add”, and the system will take you to homepage. You can test out your new free usage of Jiji right now – browse the ads, load the images, search different categories, and do it all totally for free!
Now that you can use Jiji whenever you want without paying anything at all, why not take maximum advantage of it by buying something you’ve wanted for a very long time or selling the goods that you no longer need? Enjoy the endless selection of products and dozens of other benefits with Jiji without worrying about the expensive data!


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