I And The Spiritualist episode (3)

At Belinda's words, my resolve not to go to the spiritualist again weakened. She was right afterall.

Whenever my mother-in-law visited, I could see her eyes inspecting me, looking for signs of pregnancy.

These days, she barely answered my greeting and was always frowning and making faces at me.

The following week, I reluctantly returned to the spiritualist's place. Everything happened as before- the service in the hall, the anointing with oil, the screaming and rolling on the ground...
 I also ended up in bed with the spiritualist at the end of the programme. 

This went on for several months. With time, my guilt at cheating on my husband eased and I even began to enjoy my time with the man. I looked forward to being with him and began to enjoy his lovemaking more than with my husband.

 In fact, at a point, I no longer wanted to sleep with my husband and always came up with excuses anytime he wanted intimacy.

"Dear, it's my period."

"I have waist pain and a headache."

"The pastor said I should fast so..." 

These were some of the excuses I gave him just to avoid his touch. It was that bad! I only gave in once in a while so I could conceive as directed by the spiritualist.

My husband trusted me and never suspected me of sleeping with another man. Three months after I began to meet with the spiritualist, I found out I was pregnant.

I was full of joy at the news. Ben was so excited, he could not stop hugging and kissing me.

"I told you, it would happen with time. See, our patience has paid off," he declared, grabbing and dancing round the living room with me.

I happily registered for antenatal classes and began to make plans for the sweet bundle of joy coming our way.

I thought my lovemaking sessions with the spiritualist would end as soon as I got pregnant but I was wrong. 

He wanted us to continue meeting. He explained: "To keep the baby safe and secure. You have to keep coming till you are close to delivery."

I agreed as I always did to all his suggestions. I don't know what that man did to me but I suspect he must have cast a spell on me for me to obey his every word.

Anyway, we continued to see until something horrible happened five months into my pregnancy...

To Be Continued...

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