Nigerian DJ breaks world record for marathon set

The Lagos-based DJ Obi, real name Obi Ajuonuma, has played the longest DJ set ever.

DJ Obi has set a new record for longest set played by a DJ.

Before DJ Obi achieved the feat, the Guinness World Record for Longest Marathon Club DJing was held by Norbert Selmaj, a DJ from Poland who performs using the name Norberto Loco. Selmaj set his 200-hour world record in 2014 playing in Dublin, Ireland. That record was broken by Ajuonoma, in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, pending verification by Guinness World Record, on 2 July 2016. Prior to his record setting exploit, DJ Obi had won the Best DJ category at the 2011Nigerian Entertainment Awards.

The DJ's team put the hours clocked at 229 hours and 58 minutes. The session, according to the team, ended finally due to “medical advisement”.

As fans of the DJ and his attempt cheered him on during the just under 10-day slog, the DJ took a cumulative 2-hour break each day, mostly in bursts, and then returned to continue playing. There were reports that the DJ hallucinated at some point during his attempt.

In a statement giving thanks, DJ Obi’s team said, “DJ Obi has been overjoyed by the love, support, encouragement and prayers he has received in the past ten days. Supporters have showed up by the thousands, and messages have poured in from every corner of the world. It has been a 24-hour party at Sao Café Lagos since last Wednesday! If there is one word we are sure he would want you to leave you with it is, ‘grateful’.”

Meanwhile, a small controversy ensued on social media when the BBC tweeted a news story saying, "DJ Obi Ajuonuma, based in Lagos, says he has beaten the current non-stop DJ'ing world record." He has broken the record, some said, why then is the British media establishment less than declarative in its report. The BBC did however add that "DJ Obi's record has not been verified by Guinness World Records." The DJ Obi team are now working with the Guinness World Records for official verification.

To close the set, DJ Obi played the Drake,Wizkid and Kyla song ‘One Dance’, with the rapper MI performing at a celebratory post-record-breaking party at the same venue.

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