Sophie Episode 2

That opportunity came a short while later. There was a day I was returning home after dropping my mother at the church. I was driving on the street next to ours when I almost hit a little boy of about three.

He had run out of a compound onto the run and I had to quickly apply the breaks to avoid crushing him. I ran to where he sat by the side of the road, crying.

"Are you ok? Where's your mother?" I asked worriedly, inspecting him to ensure he was fine.

Just then, a girl came out of the compound.
"Tobi! What are you doing here? I've been looking everywhere for you!" She took the boy from me, looking at me curiously.

When she told me the boy was her brother, I scolded her for not keeping a close eye on him, narrating the accident that nearly happened.

"I'm so sorry! I was in the kitchen and didn't know he had left the house." She looked contrite and apologetic.

After checking the boy was ok, I got back into the car.

She came up to the car window and asked:

"Do you stay around here?"

"I live on the next street."
"Thanks for taking care of my brother. The name's Sophie, by the way."
I looked up quickly on hearing that name. 'So, this is the famous Sophie all my friends have been raving about,' I thought as I studied her closely.

They were right. The girl was really lovely with a kind of luminous beauty that attracted men to her like flies to honey.
I did not see her again until two weeks later. I was going out one weekend to visit a friend at Amuwo-Odofin when I saw her at the busstop.

I gave her a ride and we got talking. She told me she was waiting for admission to a higher institution after leaving secondary school about three years before.
"I've written JAMB so many times, I'm getting sick of it all," she grumbled.

I encouraged her to keep trying until she succeeded.
"Many of us who have graduated had the same bad experience with JAMB. So, don't give up."
We kept running into each other regularly after that and it wasn't long before I began to fall for her. I wanted to take her out but didn't know if she would agree to a date with me.

Then a member of our group of friends, Akintunde was relocating abroad and all our friends organised a farewell party for him.

I asked Sophie to be my date and to my joy she accepted. When I arrived the party with Sophie, my friends could not believe their eyes.

"How did you do it?"
"Did you use juju (charm) on her or what?"

"Nonso, you are a bad boy! So, you were eyeing her all this while and you didn't tell us!" They all said when Sophie was out of earshot.

I simply smiled smugly at them like one that had won a million naira at the lottery...

To be continued on Monday. Have a nice weekend, everyone!


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