Sophie Episode 3

After that day, Sophie and I started seeing regularly and soon, she became my girlfriend. My friends were all envious of me because of her but I did not care. I was in love and felt on top of the world.

Before Sophie, I had dated other girls especially while on campus. In fact, I was a bad guy of sorts with the ladies as I hardly stayed in a relationship for long as I easily got bored; then my eyes would wander to the next 'catch.' I had broken a few hearts in the process.

But this was different. Within six months of being with her, I knew I had found my soul mate. I dumped the other girls I was seeing then and focused all my love and attention on Sophie.

My friends thought I was a fool, saying it was stupid to put all one's hopes on one lady.

"Most of these girls are unreliable. What if she dumps you for someone else? What will you do then?" John and the others asked.

"Sophie's isn't like that so you guys should not stress yourselves over that. She loves me and would never betray me." Back then, I was so sure of my Sophie and trusted her completely.

Our relationship waxed stronger and with time, I introduced her to my parents as my fiancée. We planned to marry in the future probably after she had graduated from school.

With my encouragement, she retook JAMB. I advised her to choose my former school at Ife as her first choice so I could use my contacts there to help with her admission.

She did well in the exams, scoring enough marks to guarantee admission. To be doubly sure, I gave her a letter to a former lecturer of mine to help facilitate her admission.

Luckily, she got the admission. Things were also going well for me as I got a better paying job in a company at Ikeja.

Before Sophie left for school, I had a chat with her about school life.

"You have to be careful, sweetheart, so you don't fall into temptation.Avoid bad company especially all these 'runs' girls on campus who run after 'aristos' or 'uncles' or whatever they call them. You're from a good home so you don't need all that stuff.

A lot of girls' lives have been ruined dating those sugar daddies. And, remember, you have a fiancĂ© back home so no messing around," I said, wagging a finger at her. 

"Ah, Nonso! Don't you trust me? You know I love you and can never cheat on you," she said.

"I know. But you are very pretty and I know those guys on campus won't let you be. And some of the lecturers too disturb the girls and..."

She burst into laughter.

"You are funny, Nonso! You think I'll have time for those people when I have you? I'm yours forever so don't be afraid of losing me!" She hugged me then and I held her tight to me as if afraid to let her go.

The following week, Sophie went to school and I started work in my new company...

What went down with Sophie on campus? Details coming soon!

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