SPARROW (1)Ada woke up early in the morning as usual,with a slight headache,as she nudged her head closer to her pillow.
the previous night had been hectic, after the campus monthly sparrow party
A celebration of pure and fair virgin ladies who had victoriously scaled the ritual rites of proving themselves virgins every year.The sparrow has been an occult sect in Bambara university, a higher institution owned by a well respected don of Enugu state, Nigeria.
He had established the university in the 80's, in Tanzania.
Ada, sneezed hard, making the head ache more severe, she twinged on her big but narrow bed
the pink flower sheet covering the bed was squeezed up to only a small part of the bed, reveling the form of the bed, with white writings all of it "Vitaform".just trying to get some more sleep.

Ada heard a loud knock. she knew by the sound that it was Banke her room mate

Ada! she said almost in a shout but with a mild face,come and open this door

i hope you can hear me.."olorun iya" meaning an ardent sleeper in yoruba language.

Ada! she called again this time in a loud and angry tone. Ada got up slowly, trying to gain balance..her eyes were dim..her legs swollen, she sat up straight on her bed, fitting her feet into a light pink coloured slippers, she rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand gently..and stood up steadily and walked sluggishly toward the grey painted door, 

Ada! Banke's voice came again, open the door now.

Ada turned the jam lock, open, and stepped back, Banke pushed the door aside and stormed in,
panting and rattling she paused by the reading chair and table placed beside each other, narrowed her eyes with her hands on her waist, she inspected the room, which was painted turquoise blue, with poker dots of white. The upper part was decked painted white,with an oval white bulb hanging down, the floor was tiled with marble tiles, the large windows had drape curtains, deep blue colours, the room was quite spacious with two narrow beds at each end of the room, beside each bed is a reading chair and table, a dressing mirror stood at the middle, at the rear end of the squared shape room, is a wardrobe 16 inches tall,with two lockers attached beneath it...on top of it were two black boxes.She turned sharply at Ada who is now sitting on the edge of the bed, with her hands between her thighs and her head bent downwards her knees, she was shivering.

Where were you last night? banke asked in a soft but shape tone.

Ada shrugged but did not answer..Ada!! for the last time, were where you..Ada looked raised her head slowly grasping for air.

Banke moved closer held her hand it was warm, she sat beside her and held her close..Ada's head leaning on her shoulder.

Ada. what's the problem, talk to me..Ada stretched a hand toward the door and passed out...

Banke was shocked, she shook her hard, feeling her pulse..

Ada stop this joke...

open your eyes...

look at me...

please ahhhhhhh Ada! 


story is written by DARE PRECIOUS

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