ThaTeacha's Perspective: Feminism

The skirmish for gender equality is getting brutal as 'Iron Ladies' are putting on their armors of eloquence and bravery to display. From my perspective, some of the so called feminist of this contemporary do have little or no knowledge of the birth of feminism. Feminism as a movement has never been the center of dispute and will never be but our incapability to fully understand what feminism is and what its advocators are fight for has been the center of dispute.
Listen! Feminism is no longer a movement or an ideology; it has metamorphosed and grown into a living thing, a 'huge tree' with different branches bearing varieties of fruits. Its now your choice to walk towards the feminism tree and plug off any of it's fruit for consumption. The chance of you plugging a different fruit from others is guaranteed. You might plug the liberal feminism ("seeks individualistic equality of men and women
through political and legal reform without altering the structure of society") while your friend radical feminism ("considers the male-controlled capitalist hierarchy as the defining feature of women's oppression and the total uprooting and reconstruction of society as necessary") and I plug the Marxist feminism ("argues that capitalism is the root cause of women's oppression, and that discrimination against women in domestic life and employment is an effect of capitalist ideologies"). Out of many, I just mentioned three. There still more on the tree.

What's the root of feminism? On what ground was it planted? Who was the farmer? 
These are rhetorical questions demanding no answers.

I'm not satisfied with the history of feminism published on Wikipedia or other websites. Whatever 'waves' that stood in favour of the tide called feminism has its source from the first water (stage) of socialisation, the family. Believe me or not, before feminism there was an institution of marriage. And without marriage a family cannot be formed. Do not get me wrong, in the context, I'm referring to an ideal family (a man; a woman and their children). The family that was masterminded for genuine companionship and peaceful sailing is now in trouble, on the verge of capsizing as a result of the waves that came with the tide.

Every religion or belief has a picture of what a family should look like. I know many might say, "I'm not religious" or "I'm a free thinker". Ravi Zacharias has the perfect respond for such persons, "Everybody is a worshipper. The difference is what or who do they worship." What does belief has to with feminism? Keep calm and read on.

Man was first formed then woman was made with the rib of man. The union was against mathematics that stated that one plus one is two. But in Eden a man (one) plus a woman (one) in union is one.

To my understanding, of all the fruits of feminism, radical feminism is most consumed and can say to be the frontier for other fruits of feminism. Radical feminism as to do with destructive forces of male domination and spousal abuse. Married couples are intend to be one like I mentioned earlier. But when there is separateness and individuality, you can hear the females crying "We are Women. Hear us roar!" I propose that there should be otherness and relation between couples and the fight over feminism will be a smoke.

Parker T. Williamson said, "We become ourselves only in relation to one another, for we are, at our very core, relational beings... The feminist movement is correct in its insistence that gender domination is a blight on human community that must be obliterated. But the solution to that problem is found in biblical truth, not in secular self-affirmation movements."

It's unwise to clamor for feminism and be a bimbo (a physically attractive woman who lacks intelligence). Ladies should get educated. 
The battle has already been won.

written and composed by Paul Peter popularly known McPETROS ThaTeacha 
he's a reader and a writer currently residing in Bauchi state.
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