It was a Monday. And as usual time had dragged. However, the work day finally came to a close. As I packed my books and laptop into my back-pack there was only one dominant thought on my mind – SLEEP! The fatigue of the studious weekend and the long night stayed with me all through the day. I was spent from burning the midnight candle studying. PG mid-semester exams!

Though the Monday evening traffic had started building up but I was home in less than half an hour. Welcomed by my lovely wife and kids with hugs and pecks before she helped me out of my clothes and ushered me into the bathroom, where she gave me a good soothing scrub and led me into the sweet smelling aroma-filled dining. There a delicious meal of potatoes and salad awaited me. We all sat down to eat. About an hour later I was in bed in faraway dreamland. What a perfect day!

However, none of that happened. Instead I got home to the loving embrace of my wife and kids. All the fatigue suddenly vanished as the excitement in the home was electrifying and contagious. My children’s favorite musical group, the all-boy-band, Westlife, was performing LIVE in our living room. Their voices filled our entire sitting room. Their faces were splashed all over our Plasma TV screen. It was a Monday weekend! Our family weekend!

As I stepped into our living room I realized it was already a makeshift dance floor. The center table has been moved. It stood by the bedroom door. My family had obviously been dancing. Immediately I tossed my back-pack on a sofa and reaching for my wife’s hand I pulled her to me. I slid my other arm around her waist line and slowly, we began to sway to the rhythm of her favorite Westlife’s song “Queen of my Heart”. My kids stood staring at us delightfully and laughing.

But when “Tell Me What Makes a Man”, my kids all-time favorite (nicked-named ‘Iba’ by my kids) came on, we all went wild as we sang along with the all-boy-band. It was sheer fun! We had such a swell weekend on a Monday evening!
And when we finally sat down to dinner about two and a half hour later sleep was still the last thing on my mind!

P.S. Family time can be anytime you make it to be. The most important thing is to have fun together and make great memories! And the only thing it can cost you is just your time!! Time in exchange for priceless lasting memories and awesome fun, to me is a great deal worth investing in over and over and over again.

“Life is short. Don’t miss opportunities to spend time with the people you love!”

– Joel Osteen.

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