WHY JIJI.NG IS THE BEST, a Nigerian free online classifieds website, is an arena that provides buyers and sellers the avenue to meet and exchange goods and services.
To get access to their services, potential visitors have to login via their Facebook accounts, click and post a free ad button, add photos and  your business starts.

According to an excerpt from their website: “Sellers can post free ads with pictures, update their ads and get replies from “real” people while buyers can buy anything, call or send messages to sellers and leave a review when the deal has been accomplished”.

A visit to the site unveils a bring-it-on impression, as the services they offer virtually cuts across every human endeavour; okay, maybe not all. But, I’m still trying to wrap my head around their slogan “The best place to sell anything to real people”, guess you don’t want to go there if you’re not…real.

Information from their website reveal the services they offer, which potential clients may find useful, includes electronics, real estate, fashion, vehicles, animals and pets etc.

Best Accessories for Tablets
A good highly functional tablet sometimes can replace your laptop. It is much lighter, thinner and comfortable to carry with you. So maybe it is the time to consider equipping it with all necessary stuff? Choose some accessories and make yourself a present. And if you cannot decide what to start from, we can help you with this.
Some devices seem to look better without a case, but you will not be sure after first scratches on your beloved gadget appear. Keep calm, you can avoid this. You don’t have to buy something boring or plain. Actually, the selection of items available nowadays simply will not allow doing this.
There are rotating cases, which can be transformed into the stand. There are also separate stands – portable and attached. Using a tablet is more convenient in standing position. Thus, you can be sure about a good viewing angle and comfortable access to all controls.
You can download quite a lot of music, but isn’t it better to listen to it really loudly? Tablets can play it loud, but high volume can affect the quality of sounding and make it impossible to enjoy. And this must be the worst torture. So just fins portable speakers that will fit in the interior and look nice together with your tablet.
As we’ve already mentioned, a tablet is considerably lighter to carry, you may decide to carry in with you instead of a laptop. In this case it is significant to be sure that your device remains highly functional. For instance, you’ll be able to work more effectively by pressing keys on an ordinary keyboard instead of a touch screen of your tablet. There are two kinds of keyboards – inserted in a case and Bluetooth compatible.
Even more than that – you can turn your tablet into a real notebook, pretending you are writhing on a sheet of paper. No jokes, just a convenient stylus. Designers will be pleased to get one, as well as all creative people and those who believe that typing will not ever replace handwriting completely.
Portable Charger
Another advantage of tablets is considerably longer battery life. Nevertheless, it is not going to work as much as you want and can suddenly go off. If you don’t want to give up your work or entertainment unexpectedly you have to think of a backup plan – a power bank, for instance. Carry one with you and there will be no need to worry.
If you are using a tablet in your car on the go or a road is going to be far and you want to watch a movie, a sturdy holder will be a great option. In any case, it is much more convenient than holding it in your hands or putting on your knees.
Where to find?
We tried to remember as many accessories of the highest necessity as we could, but maybe there is something more. To be sure, visit and look through the items suggested in a proper category. The biggest Nigerian classifieds will surely give you some more interesting ideas and offer the best solution. Needless to say, you don’t have to go anywhere, all you can do is buy tablet accessories online sitting comfortably on your sofa. Maybe you want to start right now?

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