A Hard Place (1)

I never planned getting a mistress or having children outside my marriage but my situation at home contributed significantly to it.

You see, my wife has not been able to give birth to a child since our marriage about ten years ago. We have tried everything including tests, drugs, massages and other methods.

But no issue, pregnancy not even a miscarriage.

For years, I was worried about my childless state. Most of my mates who were married like me all had kids. I felt incomplete as a man, that there was something wrong with me. That was until something happened about four years ago that changed my situation.

My wife's young cousin, Diane came to stay with us while searching for a job after her youth service programme.

She had been with us for six months when I got her a job in the company where I worked.

With hindsight, maybe, I should not have done that because working in the same environment invariably brought us close.

Much closer than we should have been as in-laws. The truth is I had admired Diane for sometime, even before she came to live with us. She had the kind of looks I liked- tall, slim with a fantastic figure and she carried herself so well.

But I controlled my attraction because of my wife whom I loved dearly. Unknown to me, Diane also liked me. I found out one day after we had closed from work and were heading home together.

The traffic that day was especially heavy on the Third Main land bridge so we decided to hang out at an eatery at Onikan on Lagos Island till the traffic had reduced.

Perhaps, emboldened by the alcohol she had taken, Diane opened up, confessing how she had liked me for long.

"I've been into you for so long, Mike. Before you even married Bara," she confessed. She took my hand across the table filled with drinks and held it for a while.

After that day, we began a relationship that has lasted nearly four years now. A year after we started dating, she gave birth to a set of twin boys for me.

You can imagine my joy when the twins were born- this was a man who had been looking for a child for years being blessed with twins! It was a happy time for me. The only snag was my wife, Bara.

Initially, I did not tell her about the boys until they were about a year old. As expected, she was very angry with me over my relationship with her sister.

"Any other person would have been tolerable because of the children. But how could you betray me with Diane, my own sister?" she said furiously. In all our years of marriage, I had never seen my wife so angry.

She called me all kinds of names including 'a womaniser who can't control his libido, sleeping around like a dog in heat!'

That day, she threatened to leave me if I did not cut off all contacts with Diane.

That was an impossible thing to ask as she was the mother of my babies. How could I leave her? What would happen to my children that I was able to have after so many years of waiting for the fruit of the womb? Who would look after them?


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