RigidEmcee is here again with a hit song which he featured Talisman @Tallismanism and V5ive @V5iveking they titled "light it out" the song is a true life story about the happenings in the country, the song is an encouragement for you to bring out the real self in you, focus on your hustle. RigidEmcee is a Kogi boy who was born and brought up in Jtown, he’s a HipHop artist that love his fans listening to his lyrics more than the beat. He is currently working on his mixtape LIGHT IT OUT coming through at the end of the year. For bookings contact iG@iamrigidemcee @usefulkdboy, Twit@rigidemcee @emperoryusuf... Reping 4 @3pleBBlockmusic‎

Rigid Emcee: 

Yeah is your boi
Che Che ughhh

Verse one:
Check it ughh
For the love for the music & the Love for tha Art/
I spit how I feel it's  conscious rap the road 2 success am on a chosen part/
I broke the chains like a runaway slave when am in the booth I raise the dead from the grave/
Am living in a world full of agony & broken dreams poor deceiving schemes nothing seems 2 change/ sit back relax & trynna rearrange the economy is messed up, I pour out my rage/ politicians make the bundles/ while we remain poor we stood up for our right but we were cracked in a jaw/
Boiz are not smiling, Boiz dey vex, na Democratic regime but e dey put us for stress/
‎Thinking of an alternative to ease this mess see dem big men kids dem just dey flex/
Painting the town red with an Excalade while the poverty rate just dey escalate/
I go church pastor say make I keep the faith how you go take keep faith wey no food for plate/
This na the forth year wey shola graduate him still dey hawk gala for Kado estate/
Am living in a country full of kings & Queens every wan be bawse & nobody wan lean
The land is green but the governance is mean/

Chorus: V5ive
I say you gotta light it out
You gotta focus on ur hustle 
Cos ain't no time for trouble
You gotta work it out

I say you gotta light it out
You gotta focus on ur hustle 
Cos ain't no time for trouble
You gotta work it out work it out

Verse Two: Rigid Emcee
I don't like to look back on my past/
Shit gets me mad and tends to affect my futures path/
Bags packed, and there ain't no looking back/
One track like a bullet that is projedcted from a gat/
Poor trash, boom bap, stained fitted cap/
I rap from the heart what's as real as that/
What you think is exact what you attract/
Mind shoots frequencies the universe reacts/
Hip hop is something you gotta over stand/
Am going through hell is all part of being a man/
I'm trying to juggle both up in my hand/
Dodging the fire while I'm jumping out of the pan/
Searching for yourself takes more than one glance/
I'm my own therapist with my pen and my pad/
Shifting through thoughts, the good and bad/
Working my dome like a safe until it cracks/
If it ain't about the money don't Holla back 
Baba God by my side ain't no looking ain't no looking back/
If heaven was a mile away i'd pack up & leave to a place of extreme peace & quiet sick & tired of the violence

Chorus: V5ive

Verse Three: Tallisman
Illuminating,no mercury light/although a light saber cos of words I readily write,am barely in flight but they wish I go dead in a dive/was told when you here to recite don't be scared of the mic/so I embrace it I arrange it like a beat and lace it/I watch em bunch of kids in the hood sagging about/now is the life you bringing be what you bragging about/now is the part you living be what you writing about/sometimes you get sent to the grave for being smart/its not my fault the world is an ocean with great sharks/its not my fault the world is a weapon to stake hearts/its not my fault the world is a jungle that stays dark/but no worries,I hope to light it out,with the rows am rhyming out, within the flows am writing out,you see my notes are shining out/I stay in ascension for deeper thought concentration,being different made em think it's my reason for isolation/that my fact remains a dream with no resolution/They said my DEATH is certain with no medical attention"/not knowing am one and only for viewing the world from a different perspective

Chorus: V5ive 
Till fade

Che Che ughhhh
Is your Boi Rigid Emcee
V5Ive & Tallisman
Another classic

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