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Its quarter past two in the afternoon, Banke, a short, dark complexioned lady with a plump shape that makes her look well rounded, was wearing a low cut hair, that made her look more manly in her baggy knee length shorts and a white T- shirt. she stood against the wall of the corridor that led to emergency room at the school clinic, Her hands were tucked in the shorts, her eyes heavy, she dropped her head and sighed heavily. O God, Please help Ada. she must not die like this, what has she done to herself this time around eh?....
i hope she recovers and learn her lesson or could she be suffering Malaria? or typhoid? oo rara (No)Ada cannot be pregnant....
Just then a nurse, wearing a blue gown with a grey badge like tag attached on the left pocket, it held the name Nanfi, came out of the emergence room, Banke rushed to her...Nurse how is she? what's her condition? any improvement? Calm down miss, your friend will be fine...just go get her some food and warm water..but nurse what exactly is the problem? don't worry she will be fine very soon just go and get her food, she need to take her medications...ok nurse will be right back..Banke rushed back to the hostel..a tall, three storey building, painted green and white with purple decorations on the walls..the top of the building was of a pentagon shape, with a bold writing below it.."WELCOME TO FAIRY FEMALE HOSTEL". Banke ran pass the gates, and took the stairs on the left, bumping into a cleaner that was heading down the stairs with a bucket and a moping stick dangling inside the dirty water in the bucket..the water splashed on Banke's face, staining her white shirt..the cleaner dropped the bucket in a hurry,trying to help Banke, who was still wiping her face off the dirty sorry ma.Banke pushed her aside, are you mad? eh...what is your problem, cant you see? stupid girl, you lucky am in a hurry, i would have soaked you in the drainage sorry, please...get out! banke shouted and rushed upstairs.

 Why has she not been picking her calls? Durulo,was thinking loud..he sat on a mattress kept on the floor.. the room was painted lemon green, with a cushion chair, close to the door.. well rugged with light Brown curtains.Durulo was wearing a black nicker and a white singlet reveling his broad chest and well built arms..he turned to pick his diary under a pillow on the bed,just then he heard a knock..who's that?its Francis, he opened the door, cautiously...peeping at both ends..Duru...wetin dey sup? shhhhhh! Durulo said, placing a finger on his lips, he dragged francis in quickly and lock the door.What is the problem duru...its nothing serious i suppose but something is not clear...Duru sat on the mattress and francis sank into the cushion, looking confused...Durulo's phone rang, he quickly answered the call, Hello, yes..its Johnson Durulo speaking..What!! when?Nooooo....he fell on the floor, throwing the phone at francis who was standing, with a wild look...who was it? what happened? She's dead, francis, dead!


story is written by DARE PRECIOUS

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