After a successful release of his EP (AFRAP) some weeks ago, LemuelKnight (Tha StreetLegend) is here again with a freestyle he titled "GCITY CONNECT" believe me he did justice to this track. download, listen and share.

Lyrics of "GCity Connect" by @lemuelknight 

Am a Beehive nigger with a G city connect
I Spit the three miles rap cos G city connect
And cut across the ends make the G city connect
We making wild noise cos my CD on deck
My city is next five fingers of death
Like Sway in the morning am out here recording
Bars and I pray God it resonate with yall
One day I do know I demonstrate for yall
Bars from the heart nigger reflecting the art
We can’t stand fuck boys deflecting the art
See a shifted paradigm reflecting the chart
You never take over when you make mistakes over
When you get a bitch like Jane make her bend over
Am a nasty modafucker don’t make me take over
If this make you meditate then come through in yoga
Koleweke Kole reck chocky boy like Coker
Knight for hood am a lyricist to core
I have to do it well so they don’t resist the core
Hit campuses for tour G... GSU for sure
And FCE with the FUK
We be rocking I.H with the F you pay
Takeover is hostile what the fuck you say?
Back on the same course with full blooded pedigree
Knight for the hood rep the G city dynasty
G city
Hands up
G city connecting Three miles
You know I mean
I have a dream but fuck Martin Luther
I be spitting bullet bars like it came from revolver
Hurricane engulver dig Jewel in savanna
They never have to do it right we left em on the corner
G city connect I do it in your honor
Venom and Pages Blaq Dee to stage this
Joe Shigma nigger take em out like stigma
I was there to cheer when B.I got the BEEMA
In the Beehive arena they celebrate your son
I said put a call to me whenever you come
I heard about Blue C cot-cee of Kay Mahn
We close to the red sea take the staff from Moses
I understand Joe did a song about Roses
Crush with a Chopspoon and cook beat for real goons
DB is so fresh Expert is Laba
You might have to Dab when you call your song shaba
J.excel we excel high above the ground
When cruise aid your grind you high above the ground
I might have talk and maybe Talk Talk
And open up your doors when I probably Knock Knock

G city wordup
Its your home boy LemuelKnight the StreetLegend
I represent the hip hop community around the world
You know I mean
Beehive nigger with a G city Connect
Adams Mayy what e do?
Ezene Real blood
Massage for the madness coming soon
G city100

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