Hello esteemed followers and visitors. It is with great joy that we write you today. 
First and foremost,  clocked 1 year on 1st September 2016, we appreciates the great followership we have garnered over the past year, none of the achievements we have had would have been possible without you guys. We say a big thank you.
Part of these achievements are; we have had the privileged to be nominated for the category of “Blog of the Year” in the Maiden edition of the Zamarawards. We have also hit 10,267+ monthly views and have uploaded and promoted over 400 songs (singles + album) of various talented artist. We have also not failed to keep our esteemed visitors glued with intriguing and life changing stories that teach life lessons, Updated news, Videos and Gists.
With this in view, we can confidently say that the future is so bright, we advice you get your glasses. We at crave to offer you better experiences, better music and better services. We hunger to satisfy your viewing demands (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OUR ANDROID APP).
Thank you very much and don’t forget to tell someone that knows someone that there is no place like Thank you for your support. we love you
 MUST READ: BEAUTIFULAREWA.COM 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PRESS STATEMENT + VOTE FOR ARTIST OF THE YEAR have decided to roll out a new package for artist that have remained loyal to us. What package is that??? And how is it?
Simple, a poll will be carried out to determine who the viewer’s choice for the year is. Once that is done the winner will enjoy the benefit of having every single one of his track uploaded for free and also publicized for the coming year i.e 2017.

NOTE: It should be noted that certain persons/artist will not be included in this exercise due to the unfair advantage they possess over others to climb higher up in the ladder of fame.

How does this work? A poll has been set up which comprises all the names of eligible artists. All you have to do is click on your choice and vote. Vote wisely.

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