Old Flame (2)

They stood at the balcony at the side of the office building which overlooked an empty plot of land. It was thickly covered with weeds and small trees and shrubs on which birds skipped from one branch to the other.

It was one of her favourite spots in the building where she occasionally came to clear her head for a while during work. She now watched distractedly as a brown-feathered bird with a white belly perched on a small pawpaw tree, its delicate leaves swaying under its weight.

She was confused by her reaction at meeting Eric again after all these years. Whenever a scenario like that, of meeting again, played out in her mind, she had seen herself being distant and cold to him.

So, why was she standing calmly chatting with him as of it was the most natural thing in the world?

Why was she...?

"So good to see you again, Oluchi," he was saying. "You haven't changed much; just added a little weight. It suits you." His eyes flickered over her, taking in the well-cut navy blue trouser suit to her black open toed high heeled shoes.

She did not speak but simply gazed at his face- the same face that used to make her heartbeat quicken back in the day, when he meant the whole world to her until things fell apart for them.

Now fate seemed to have thrown them together again.

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