Old Flame (3)

Initially, it was strictly platonic between us. Eric had a girlfriend then, Becky, a student at another school in the city.

She used to visit him once in a while and we did not get along. Whenever she saw me with Eric, she would frown and act funny. Timi told me to ignore her, that she always acted that way whenever she saw any girl around him.

"She's always jealous and suspicious of other girls around Eric," she said then.

Things changed between us three months after I began teaching Eric.

He invited Timi and I to his friend's birthday party and after that, we had to stay at the house because it was too late to return home. Timi was with her boyfriend. One thing led to the other and I ended up in bed with Eric.

That was the start of our relationship. He confessed to me that night that he loved me and he had been holding back because of Becky.

Later, I told Timi what happened and she advised me to be careful because of Eric's reputation as a playboy.

"Eric has broken many girls' hearts. I don't want you to join the long list," she said. But like a fool, I refused to listen as I was already in love with him. So, I listened to my heart which longed for him.

Eric and I were together throughout my second year. It was a great time for me especially at the beginning as he was so good to me. He used to tease me a lot, calling me his 'Baby Teacher'.

Soon after we started dating, he broke up with Becky, his girlfriend. I was happy as I wanted Eric to myself, not sharing him with any one. He cited her 'obsessive behaviour and jealousy' as the reason for dumping her.

With time, I realized why Becky acted that way. Girls were always hanging around Eric. He assured me he had nothing to do with them, that they were just friends and course-mates. Though, I had my suspicions, I believed him and tried to trust him. I did not want to end up like Becky who kept begging to return to him after they broke up.

Even when I caught two girls fighting in his house over him, he said I should not stress myself over them, that they were silly, idle girls who had nothing better to do than fight over another girl's boyfriend.

He said he loved only me. I was young back then and naive too, so I accepted his explanation.

Eric was the outgoing type, who loved to party and have fun. Each weekend saw him and his friends going to one club or party in town. I was not a party girl who loved to night crawl. When not attending classes, I preferred spending time with my friends gisting, watching movies or reading novels.

It became a source of quarrels between us- he always wanted me to go with him. I tried it a couple of times but hated the noise, the excessive drinking that went on and other crazy stuff like drug taking.

I was no saint but even at such a young age, there were certain things I didn't want to be involved in. It was a clash of different personalities- the outgoing Eric and the homely kind of person that I was.

There was a day he wanted us to attend one of such parties- a bachelor's eve. I was not interested so I suggested Timi should go with him.

It was a big mistake on my part as events would prove...

To be continued...


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