Secret Games (1) my love

 He was sitting on the couch, his weak legs propped up on a low stool when she stepped quietly into the spacious room.

 By his right, within easy reach on a side stool, was a bottle of brandy and a glass half filled with the golden liquid.

 Koko sighed, knowing what that meant- he was in one of his 'moods.' He had them from time to time when the weight of his weak, helpless state preyed heavily on him. 

 He wanted to be up and doing the things he loved like playing tennis at the club with his friends, attending the occasional party with her and other fun things.

 But since the accident several years before that had affected his spine, rendered him unable to walk and bound to a wheel chair, such activities were way off his reach.

 Earlier, on the drive home from visiting her friend Osas, she had been in high spirits. A simple text message was the reason for her mood.

 'Yes', the message said. Short, simple, concise. Yet loaded with meaning, enough to make her feel euphoric as if she had won the lottery.

 Just thinking about it made her heart thump with excitement, full of anticipation and endless possibilities...

 At last, she was going to get her heart's desires, what she had been longing for, dreaming about for so long. The man after her heart, her love...

 Not even her sick, old husband sitting there, a dejected look on his face, was going to stop her.

 Taking a deep breath, she walked up to him.

 "How's my darling doing?" she smiled, kissing him on the cheek before sitting besides him.

 He glanced at her, a displeased look on his face.

 "What do you expect when you abandoned me at home all day?" he grumbled before taking a large gulp of his drink.

 "So sorry! But you know how my friend Osas loves to talk. Have you eaten? Did Agnes serve you lunch? Let me get your medicine..." she said and made to stand up.

 "Don't bother. I'm ok."

 "Alright then." She stood up. "Let me go freshen up before dinner." She was walking towards the staircase when the front door opened. 

 She turned to see who it was and her heart leapt at the sight of him as he stepped into the room and walked towards her husband...

   To be continued...

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