Secret Games (2) preview

"Good evening, Chief," Chuks greeted the old man, giving a slight bow. As he raised his head towards me, I felt a tingle as his gaze met mine.

'My God! What's it about this man that makes him so irresistible to me?' I thought as I stared right back at him, my eyes conveying what I could not express in words. At least, not when my husband was around.

"Oh, you are here, Chuks," my husband said, dropping his glass and waving him to a seat. "So, how did the meeting go?" he asked him. But before he could reply, my husband called out:

"Koko dear, you should place an extra setting at the dinner. Chuks is joining us."

"Ah, Chief! There's no need for that! I can always stop over at an eatery on my way home," he said.

He waved his objections away with his hand...

Watch out for the rest of the story tomorrow!

This story was should have been completed by now but it could not be posted due to some technical hitches. We apologise for the delay.

to be continued

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