Secret Games (5) preview


 She hoped he would not read any meaning into the encounter. 
 "I came to see a friend in this hotel and we ran into each other," she tried to explain.

 He had stared at her, then at Chuks and nodded. "Is that so? Quite a coincidence!" Then taking her hand, he had led her towards the hotel entrance with a peremptory: "Let's talk!"

 Now, he removed his glasses and grinned crookedly at her. "I understand everything. See, Aunty Koko," he said, leaning towards her across the small table. "We are both adults. You might be my stepmum but I don't see you as one. To me, you are more like a sister- afterall, you are just a few months older than me. Anyway, we can be open with each other..."

  Watch out for the rest of the story later tonight! Do enjoy the rest of your day!

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