Some years back in AfricaCaves were creepy, Forests were forbidden and every tribe, village and community had severe laws that were placed in high esteem by its occupants to ward off strange beings, things and thoughts… 😨👹👿👻👽

...there was Magic and fables about magic and or its powers. There were Supernatural beliefs and Deities were worshipped. There were places regarded as the habitats for spirits, ghosts and wandering gods… Indeed there was an Africa with a Glory so feared by her colleagues! 🏃🏃🏃🏃

2016 years after, in an Africa that has changed rapidly and the Histories of the past have been turned to Folktales, communities have been merged to form countries and the African people have been immersed into growing world trends… 💆🎅💂👸👳👦👧

Three young friends on a journey of discovering more about their ancestral home; DANJUMA, GBENGA and CHINEDU decided to embark on a journey to bring back a people’s history…💪💪💪
In their quest for enlightenment, these three youths discovered a path that does showcase some of the fearful things that really existed and might give them an insight into what went wrong with Africa…😯🤔

But there’s a problem…They need one person to help rewrite this history…They need YOU😃😉😊😎
This October, anticipate Aboki Run, a 3D endless runner game designed for mobile devices by Maliyo Games, a Nigerian game development company. 🙌

The game will be launched at the next G3 Game Developers Meetup. Kindly register to attend here:

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