His date with Jennifer went from bad to funny then fantastic. When he got out of the car, he noticed the dark clouds above his head and in split seconds it started raining heavily so he could not call her yet to say he was around because he was still looking for a place to hide from the rain. 
After about 30 minutes of heavy down pour the rain seized so he called her and got a funny but sincere reply from her, “it’s raining heavily here o and I can’t enter the rain besides I have to stand on the road to get a cab, just look for somewhere you can stay, text me the name and I would come when the rain stops”. 

Ending the call he prayed and wished the rain at her place would stop and as he was still wishing it started raining where he was again so he ran into a nearby spot (AVIS) greeted those he met their who looked to also be hiding from the rain because there was no drink or food of any kind placed in front of them so he joined them sitting, he then called her telling her where he decided to pitch his tent while confirming the status of the rain over at her place which she told him was still pouring.

 She then broke his heart the more by saying they had curfew in the house and had to be at home by 6pm, an order by her dad since they were all girls in the house, he just told her to try and he was outside at the bar watching a premier league match between Arsenal and Liverpool while he ordered for a bottle of cold legend in case she does not show up he would just get drunk and head home for his bed in a sober mood.

 Liverpool was trashing Arsenal at the time and he was enjoying it and sipping his drink when his phone ran but ended before he could answer. He looked at his phone and the caller Id was ‘mima smallie’ he smiled then called her back to know what’s up, she then told him she was about to get on her way as it just stopped raining and wanted to confirm his location now hoping it hasn’t changed and he happily said yes. 

After about 10 minutes of impatient waiting, he saw a beauty walking into the place and could not help but smile, forgetting all his initial doubts and possible questions he might have had as he hugged her small body passionately, he held her tight as if not ready to let go. 

He was just happy he seen her again after a very long time without even chatting. They had a lot of things to talk about, he got her a drink first then started by asking her why she never called since she had his number all these while as she claimed because he lost his phone so all contacts were gone including hers. Had she not chatted him up they might not have been meeting that day, she blamed it on being busy with work. 

They talked about life after school, how she has been active on social media and she also told him she was always seeing him touring the north because she was seeing his posts and pictures on Facebook. Work she said was good but time consuming since she wanted to be an independent lady and was thinking about enrolling for a course in the state polytechnic and wasn’t planning on depending on any person. 

They then ended up discussing marriage which she raised claiming time and age were not her friends anymore but Andy told her she better change her idea and not marry because she thinks age isn’t on her side because she might make life threatening mistakes. On the subject of marriage also, She was of the opinion that the male gender must cheat since they were polygamous and promiscuous in nature but she won’t let her husband cheating make her end her marriage and that the male gender turns his back on his own family once he marries and therefore was a total waste of time investing on the boy child.

 Andy was of the opinion that every action any person takes was a personal decision and opinion and so she should not generalize it especially the cheating aspect he reassured her that faithful guys abound in the world and right thinking married men were also available that the ladies just rushed the guys into marriage because they think the guys are as ready as them the ladies are. A successful guy who is above 30 does not depict a man ready for marriage, he might just still want a piece of youthfulness and you have hurriedly caged him so he always breaks free whenever he gets the opportunity. He later found out from her as they discussed that it was all about her own personal encounters and family issues, one of her half brothers gave her a very crooked view of the male gender because according to her, he changed immediately he got married and switched his cares to the wife’s family and less came their way. 

You guys are just annoying, no matter what a girl tries to do to please you guys its not just enough as your promiscuity will not let you guys think well, Andy laughed out loud as they left the spot holding her hands and assuring her that she should calm down and hope for the best instead of pilling all men into one pod of unfaithfulness. 

He saw her off to the bus stop where she boarded a bus home while he took a keke (tricycle) home feeling happy and fulfilled without a reason he could vividly point out but he was just smiling allowing the evening breeze blow on him as he got his head out of the tricycle enjoying the fresh scent of the moist clay and leaves as he went home.


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