A whole week passed and no mention of the assignment was made, since Andy was busy with other pressing matters. On a Tuesday around 4pm the next week, Andy had friends come over his house to help him make his dog cage since he was trying to stabilize his kid sister in the dog business, when they were through fixing the cage, Emmy his friend asked after his sister Grace which reminded him of the assignment as he replied lafiya. 

He then decided to go meet her, sleep over at her house and get the assignment over with. He dressed up and followed them stating to his mother and sister Maya that he would sleep over at Graces’ house in order to get Sheila’s assignment off his neck. He showed up at his sisters’ shop and told her he was going home with them to get the assignment done through the night which she thought was a good idea but asked of him if it was not too much to ask, sacrificing his night sleep for an assignment he could say no to. He assured her it was fine so they agreed. 

They waited for the shop to be closed as usual then they all drove home, when they got to the house and all the children were excited to have their favorite uncle in the house with them, he made them all laugh then went straight to the business that brought him to the house with food most definitely close by since he was a foodie (loves food). Designing, typing and surfing the net for answers and ideas all at the same time, he and his lovely niece Sheila were busy while Amanda and Jake were also there looking and talking in low tones to each other till they all left for the bed. Sheila soon fell asleep and rested her head on his lap while he continued working on her assignment, she woke up soon and joined him again as they continued working on the assignment soon they got tired of the work and decided to watch a movie. 

He played Kunfu Panda 3 which was a cartoon while they laughed together at the comic act of the panda then they heard the sound of a door opening and knowing it was that of her parents room immediately paused the movie opening the assignment and pretending to be working on the excel package. Her father came into the sitting room at around 2.30am, walked across to the dinning as if looking for something then he walked back in within a flash came back saying Sheila should go and sleep because it was really late and they could continue the assignment in the morning which Andy agreed to and told her he would finish up the remaining work left before he goes to sleep so he told her what to do and how to do it while reminding her not to wake him up when the family was praying since he was going to sleep late. Sheila left and so also did her dad into their rooms, then Mr. John in his room was complaining to his wife “I don’t like the way I saw my daughter with your brother in the sitting room, go and make sure you stay with them till they are through”. 

Grace came into the sitting room and said nothing but just confirmed the progress of the assignment, then lay down on a couch watching a late night program on the television while she and her brother talked randomly about either a song played or a characters dress, Sheila came back into the sitting room sitting exactly the way she was previously before her father came chasing her to sleep. 85% of the assignment was completed before Andy decided to go and sleep at almost 4.30am leaving Sheila with the laptop to keep busy since she was not ready to sleep anymore and she told him she wanted to watch the movie they were on. 

In the early hours of the morning, as usual Grace and Chidi were getting ready to leave for the shop when Andy woke up due to the noise Chidi was making as he was looking for the key to the shop and Sheila was still awake to his surprise so he said he was leaving with them to the town because he had some activities to catch up with and also make available a cobbler whom Grace needed to meet so that he could make shoes for her children for school since they were resuming soon and needed new pair of shoes then he would go home and sleep the remaining day out so he left the house satisfied to have helped his niece with her assignments.

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