UAC Foods equips Nigerians to fight hunger with N100 Gala mega

UAC Foods is once again setting the pace in the Sausage Roll Industry with a new pack size. The company – a leading manufacturer and marketer of tasty and nourishing convenience foods in Nigeria, has unveiled Gala Mega to the public in a colourful ceremony on Wednesday, October 12th.

Gala Mega, as the name implies, is a larger sized Sausage Roll with the same trusted and satisfying Gala taste, but in a bigger, meatier and more filing size to meet the yearnings of Consumers, who want to be easily filled up on a friendly budget.

The new brand is available all over the country at a retail price of N100 and the pack is differentiated with a touch of green and the word ‘Mega’ inscribed on the wrapper. The regular Gala Sausage Roll at 50 naira is still available.

This new product is an addition to their rich basket of Sausage Roll offerings on the Gala brand, which include regular Gala Sausage Roll, Mini Gala, Gala Chicken and Gala Cocktail, giving Nigerians more choices from their beloved Gala Sausage Roll.

It is quite interesting that Gala Sausage Roll has kept faith with Nigerians by holding the N50 price point for a record 10 years.

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