My Mammy Water Girlfriend (1)

They parted once they entered the niteclub, with Jay making his way upstairs, while Okey, his friend and colleague headed for the restroom.

To Okey, a night of heavy drinking began with an empty stomach so 'there'll be enough room for all the booze I want,' he often said.

"See you," said Jay. At the bar, he ordered a bottle of beer and stood chatting with Victor, who managed the bar.

"Busy night," Jay said, his eyes roving round.
"More than usual," said Victor. " My feet are killing me."

"Maybe you should take me as your assistant to help out," said Jay.

"And have you and that drunk of a friend of yours drink up all my booze? No way!" he said, reaching for a glass to pour a shot of brandy for a customer.

Jay laughed and picking up his beer, climbed the few steps that led up to the platform which overlooked the dance floor.

It was full, with pulsating music throbbing at deafening levels, the dancers moving to the beats.

Jay stood at the edge of the platform, leaning on the railings, observing the scene. That evening he was not in the mood to dance; all he wanted was drink, chill out with Okey and other friends.

Maybe, if he was lucky, he could hook up with a 'chick' or ('takeaway' as Okey jokingly called them) and take her home to while away the rest of the weekend.

He took a swig of his drink and was about turning away to sit at their favourite table to the left of the hall, when he saw her.

She stood a few feet away, dancing alone, separate from everyone on the dance floor, as if in that throng of bodies, she was in a world of her own...

He gazed at her for a moment, noting the way her body, encased in a tight black dress that barely covered her thighs, moved in a sensuous manner that kept him transfixed.

He could not take his eyes off her and something he could not fathom seemed to draw him towards her. He dropped his beer and left the platform.

He was dancing in front of her, his eyes fixed on her exquisite face that radiated a kind of glow he had not seen before on any woman.

'Is it the lighting? Her make-up?" he wondered. Whatever it was, he knew he had found his 'takeaway' for the night.

Aloud, almost shouting so he could be heard above the loud music, he said:

"How come an angel like you is all alone. Are all the guys here blind?"

She slowed down her steps a bit. "Angel?" she asked. "I don't see any wings. "

She had a sweet voice, cool and soft like the sound of stream water flowing over stones.

"Good. That means you can't fly away from me, then," he said, smiling at her, trying to put on the charm.
She did not say anything but continued dancing.

"I'm Jay by the way."

Reena," she said.

"So, Reena, what do you do? A student? Model?"


"Interesting, "he said. "I could have sworn you were a model or actress. Where do you work? I won't mind being treated by a beauty like you," he joked.

She stopped dancing then and placing her hands on her curvaceous hips, said hotly:

"Look here, Mister. Today's my day off work and I came here to relax not face a grilling. So, chill with the questions!"

With that, she marched off, her long hair bouncing on her shoulders with each step she took.

He followed her, but with the dance floor packed so tightly with gyrating bodies, it was difficult keeping up.

He searched everywhere, including the car park, but could not find her.

She seemed to have vanished...

Back upstairs, Okey was sitting at their favourite table, on which a waiter was placing bottles of alcoholic drinks including brandy.

Flanking him on both sides were two young ladies he had not seen before.

"Where were you, dude? Have been looking out for you."

"I was downstairs, " Jay said vaguely, his eyes searching round, hoping he could see Reena.

"Did you see a tall lady, very pretty wearing a short black dress on your way up?" he asked his friend.

"This place is crawling with ladies who fit your description. Who's she?" Okey asked, pouring a shot in his glass and downing it in one gulp.

Before Jay could speak, he added:
"Anyway, if it's a 'takeaway' you want, we have some sweet ones here. Take your pick."

He placed his hands on the shoulders of the girls, tickling their arms, making them giggle.

But Jay barely glanced at them, his mind full of thoughts of Reena, wondering if he would see her again before the end of the evening...

To be continued.

Note: 'Mammy Water' is a local term for mermaid😁✔
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