Photos/Video: From Facebook friend request to a romantic proposal, Nigerian couple's love story

Awele Nwokolo met Afam JohnPaul Nwokolo after he sent her a friend request on Facebook three years ago.

Once she accepted his request and confirmed that they aren't related, as they both have same last name, he told her to send her house address and her mom's phone number because as soon as he arrived back in Nigeria, he was going to tell her parents he's going to marry their daughter!

Fast forward to January, 2017, he popped the question with a beautiful diamond ring. Their meeting was trailed with some coincidences...they both bear the same surname, Nwokolo, their fathers are from Asaba, Delta state and mothers from Illah, Delta state and to top it all, their grandmothers happened to be are childhood friends! Read their love story below:

"3 years ago, I got a friend request from a JohnPaul Nwokolo guy and I thought since he had the same last name as me, he was probably a distant cousin. He was vacationing in London at the time and I was in the US. He immediately sent me a message asking where I was from..turns out we're both from Asaba. He went on to ask what village..he wanted to make sure we weren't from the same village cos we could be sibling 😂. When he confirmed we weren't, he told me to send my house address and my mom's phone number because as soon as he arrived back in Nigeria, he was going to tell my parents he's going to marry their daughter! I thought he was the most creepy guy ever! Who says that to a girl u started talking to five minutes ago. I ignored him and his messages for the longest time but this guy defined PERSISTENCE! He kept texting till I gave up and replied and less than 6 weeks after, he was in my parents home!
Professing undying love for me and telling them he'd marry me 😂😂 (he hadn't even seen me in person) my mom called me after he left and said "that's a man who knows what he wants, I like him!" I laughed it off, it was too soon to take him serious. But he turned out to be the besttttttt boyfriend ever and I started to see how eternity with this man would be a blessing. Here's the interesting part..all the coincidences that trail our relationship •We're both Nwokolos .• Our dads are from Asaba, Delta state. • Our moms are both from Illah, Delta state. •Our grandmothers are childhood friends •He has a sister called Awele too •My mom is Clementina, his mom is Justina(notice the Tina 😂)•Our dads both bear Ike. •Our families are both strong Catholics. Obviously this was a union carefully ordained from above! We knew we were meant to be together.
The way Afam loves me is evidence that God loves me intensely. And I'm just as crazy about him! @damanijones I can't wait till this is officially sealed! You're a got your Queen now #isaidyes #themostbeautifulproposal #theNwokolos
More photos below and the proposal video below...

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