#MatchingWithBae: Slay to win this Valentine’s with Canoe Laundry Nigeria

Love is in the air and Nigeria’s leading detergent soap, Canoe Laundry is set to celebrate this in a fun, fashionable way with amazing prizes up for grabs.

The campaign in question, Matching with Bae, give couples the chance to show off their love and true slay-titude on social media. Winner get a brand new washing machine with a month’s supply of Canoe Laundry detergent, a romantic dinner for two in a luxurious restaurant and matching outfits for the runners-up.

How to participate

1. Share a photo of you and Bae in stylish, matching outfits on Instagram or Facebook.

2. Your photo must include a Canoe Laundry product ‘cause you’re on Team Canoe after all!

3. Add the hashtag #MatchingWithBae and tag @canoelaundryng to get a repost.

You must also be following the brand on its Facebook and Instagram pages to qualify.

Have fun this Valentine’s Day!

And remember, Canoe Laundry loves you *wink*

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