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Get Help Worldwide is one of the World’s most organized Mutual Aid / Crowd Funding / Donation Exchange / Social Financial Platform, Programmed to last forever with innovative features. Some of the features will be listed and elaborated as we proceed.

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So many of us are yet to understand the ideology behind Crowd Funding Programs, while others are busy setting themselves up through Crowd Funding communities like Get Help Worldwide. Across the Globe, Crowd Funding has become a major means of raising money among individuals and a lot of successful Companies/Businesses have been set up via Crowd Funding.

What Is Get Help Worldwide All About?

It is simply an online Community where people are helping each other Financially Directly with No Third Parties Involved, whatever Help you give to someone financially grows by 30% if in Local currency or 50% if in Bitcoin in 30 days (15 days now for Easter promo). 

In Get Help Worldwide you are not required to pay any money for registration i.e. Registration is FREE, there is NO CENTRAL ACCOUNT where people are required to pay money to. All you have to do is to make a Pledge of an amount you wish to Provide as Help in the Community, you remain with your money and wait patiently till you are Paired with another Participant who needs the help you are offering then you give the help directly to that Participant with no third party involved. The same why on the 30th day when you request for help from the community, you will be paired with another participant in the community who pays directly to you. Example. You give help of 1,000 to a Participant, on the 30th day you receive help of 1,300 if help was given in your local currency or 1,500 if help was given in Bitcoin.


Will Get Help Worldwide Last? This question will be answered clearly with features that will blow your mind. YES, GET HELP WORLDWIDE WILL LAST FOREVER, before I proceed to telling you why it will last forever, I will like to take you back to what a community like this is all about. A Mutual Aid/Crowd Funding Community is NOT (1.) A Business (2.) A Loan (3.) A Networking Business (Where you must invite someone to join before you make money), All three (3) mentioned above are not what we are talking about here. Mutual Aid / Crowd Funding Community is a Community that depends on its Participants to last forever. To last forever, all participants have to be active knowing fully well that they will make 30% or 50% every 30days. Most Mutual Aid Platforms fail after few years because there were no Rules to guide people in the Platform. Let me give you a clear example: In a platform like MMM, One can Provide Help of 1,000,000 naira and in 30day Get Help of 1,300,000. The same person can decide to give 10,000 in his next offer (After he has taken out 300,000 naira from the Community) in some cases he might not offer any other help but will keep enjoying his registration Bonuses every Month. Note that when you are taking out money from the Community without contributing anymore from your end, you are making the community to shake because you are getting peoples donation without giving any donation (It starts becoming a One Sided platform and as many others follow that Part, The Platform Stands Still with no one to pay those who offered Help).

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (where asked for Referrer Email (Optional) put you will get free 5k for doing so

Another way some communities like this close or stop functioning is when some Rich Dude Throws in Huge Millions like 300million into the system and then cashes 390million and he never participates anymore, all who donated will be left with no one to pay them. These things happen because there are no Rules. In some platforms they have what they call guiders who do little or nothing but keep cashing huge cash every 30 days. A Guider can give help of 100,000 naira and in 30days cash or 4million, the same Guider will offer another help of 100,000 or 10,000 knowing fully well that he will still get another 3 to 4million in 30 days this makes the system unbalanced because all that cash can be donated to someone who needs help. Gaining too much and giving too little knowing fully well that this is neither an Investment of any sort nor a Business. This is meant to be a Platform for people to help one another for goodness sake.

Get Help Worldwide will last forever for the following reasons;

1. NO Guiders: No unnecessary Huge cash is cashed out by participants in the name of Guider. They believe that anyone who invited you to the community guides you through till you can navigate through the website all by yourself. This saves good cash for the participants in the community.

2. Re-Commitment: All Modern Mutual Aid Platforms have adopted this Re-commitment Pattern, this makes it Last forever. This is a Community of active people, any account with no active Pledge / Request to Provide Help is blocked on the 3rd day of being idle. Communities like this last for ever as long as everyone keeps participating. If you are no longer participating, your account will be blockedon the 3rd day of being idle. This is to stop people from being idle and busy cashing out their referrals bonuses. They believe its better you leave the community and loose uncashed referral bonuses than to remain idle in the community and busy cashing out money when you are not participating anymore.

All users have Profile Pictures so you will see picture of who you are donating to, this creates a pure social atmosphere and gives you rest of mind that you are actually helping a fellow Human being.

3. Credibility Score: All accounts has an Activity Check which starts at 100% and grows or reduces depending on your activity on the platform. Anytime the Credibility Score Drops to 0% your account will be blocked. When you are paired to pay someone, if you plead for the other party to extend time for you when you are not able to meet up with making payment within the 48hrs given, Once the other Participant Extends your time by 48hrs, you will loose 25% of your Credibility Score. If you place and offer to give 10,000 or any amount for instance and decide to cancel it to change the figure by placing another amount, you will loose 5% of your Credibility Score immediately you cancel an already placed offer.

4. No Cheating/Trying to be smart: There is no Room for anyone to throw in Huge cash, the Maximum Help to give is 2million naira. I was amazed when I saw this feature because everyone is supposed to participate with spare money Huge Millions are not Spare money, some cheats tend to throw in huge cash in Hundreds of millions at once and when they cash out they don’t participate anymore not knowing they have destabilized the Community(They See it as a Business Opportunity to make millions in 30days). Get Help Worldwide Blocked that by setting a limit for amount of help to provide. A lot of Mutual Aid platforms closed as a result of this but it has been controlled on Get Help Worldwide by setting the Provide Help limit to 2million for local currency. Think for few seconds what will happen in MMM Nigeria when someone gives help of 200,000,000 million and in 30days when he requests for Help, almost the whole community donates to him to make up the 260,000,000 million he requested and the man refuses to participate anymore, at this point people who need help will be more than those providing help and the community stands STILL, this is how MMM in most Countries stopped functioning. Allow that to sink in a bit, Have you seen why a Provide Help limit has been set to 2million by Get Help Worldwide? Have you seen what Get Help Worldwide mean when they say they are programmed to last forever?.

5. Community Growth: They believe that when everyone is growing, it should keep growing with no one trying to be smart or taking the community backwards so they implemented Minimum Offer Balance. Here is how it works, If you offer to Provide Help of 10,000 and on the 30thday you receive 13,000 which is your money + 30%, when you want to make your next offer you will not be able to place any offer less than 10,000 you will either repeat same amount as your last offer or increase it if you want. Let’s say you increased it to 1,000,000 and on the 30th day, you received 1,300,000 you have earned 300,000 from the Community which means you are growing as well. Your next Provide Help Offer will not allow you Provide anything less than your last offer which is 1million. So your last offers automatically becomes your Minimum Offer Balance. This solves the Problem of one who like 1million and gets 1.3million and then resorts to giving help of 10,000 because he knows he has a lot of referral Bonuses.

You might not understand why all these laws are placed till I show you some facts. For Example; If you have an empty space with no rules guiding it, one day you will visit the space and notice that some have turned the space into a urinary or some might even bring their mattress, stove and all sorts to mess up the place. Reason being because there are no strict laws in the Space. This is exactly what has happened to MMM in many Countries; MMM is a wonderful platform, It was created with Good Intentions but people go in there and mess it all up.

6. Security: The Website is SSL Protected (https), it is also hacker proof. Once your Bank Account Details/ Bitcoin details are entered once, they stay there permanently cannot be changed by anyone including you. To change you need to contact support. So if anyone stills your password to wait in the maturity of your money he will grow old waiting because he cannot change the receiving account.

Ready to register?

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER, (where asked for Referrer Email (Optional) put you will get free 5k for doing so 
give help, get your referral link and invite as many people as you like too! And the big one, earn 30% or 50% of whatever you offer after 30days!

For more information concerning anything you do not understand please call or send a whatsapp message on +2348065190885.

Written by Austine Lekwa and Edited by Mayor

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