No Marriage, No SEX – Nathaniel Bassey

Renowned gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey, In his recent post on social media shared a photo captioned ‘No Marriage No Sex’.

‘This isn’t old school.

Rather, it’s a sound biblical doctrine‘ He said, as he encourages Parents to tell their children, Pastors tell their congregation. Fiancées to their Fiancé, and vise-versa.

Don’t mortgage your birth right on the bed of fornication young people! When you are faced with a situation of compromise, let this be your motto. No marriage, No Sex. – He added
Going further, The IMELA crooner took to a new post to share a deep knowledge on how sexual immorality affect our lives and time of Worship.
Sexual activity is in itself an act of Worship – Nathaniel Bassey

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SEX AND WORSHIP : There’s is a connection between sexual purity and a healthy “life of worship and time of worship”. First, worship has to be in the beauty of Holiness, that is, holiness of heart, mind and body. In motive and action, because God is Holy.

That’s the reason one of the biggest hinderances to true worship is sexual immorality. You must understand that a sexual activity is in itself an act of worship. In fact, it is the earthly parallel of our spiritual and highest form of relationship with God, worship.

Many of you would agree with me on this, if you are a Christian, I mean, A born again Christian, who loves God and eschews evil, you would have noticed that worshipping God becomes difficult after you fall into a sexual sin. Note, I said sexual sin, as this may not only be limited to just sexual intercourse with the opposite sex. Because sexual sin is one that not only involves your body, but you mind and spirit.

In fact, you may have cried and repented, and God being who He is will always forgive, but you would notice having that sweet fellowship and communion becomes a struggle for some time. You know why? Because the soul which is the seat of our feelings and emotions was disturbed and corrupted. And while God has forgiven you, you nonetheless enter into a struggle within you. Deep in your soul, which is now grappling with a NEW personality. What is referred to as a soul tie. I’m not talking about people who are habitual sexual sinners here, who have learnt and mastered the act of shrugging off any feeling of conviction, because after a while their conscience become insensitive and unresponsive. If you are here, please run back to Jesus quickly. I’m talking of sincere lovers of God who have made mistakes or have struggles in this area, and battling to be free.

Have you ever wondered why the scripture urges us to FLEE when it comes to sexual sins? The reason is not far fetched.
But here is the good news, there is a way out. JESUS. The blood of Jesus is available to set us free. And as we make a choice to live in holiness, God’s grace comes to strengthen. But we must make a choice and decision as free moral agents. Shalom”

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