News reaching indicates that a secondary school known as Saʼadu Zungurin Bauchi metropolis have been temporarily shutdown.
Though the details remain sketchy, an anonymous source indicates that students of the school decided to appoint an Imam to oversea the marriage rites of certain students (About twelve in number) within the school. The children are believed to be in SS1-SS2.

           The source had this to say " Teachers in the school who were in the staff room going about their duties began to hear cheers and sounds that indicated a celebration. On following the noise, they arrived at the classroom in which the cheers were emanating from and they realized that a wedding fatiha had just taken place". The attention of the principal was drawn to the situation, the principal quickly placed a call through to Parents of the the children and the ministry of education was quickly notified.

            Investigation into the matter points that classmates pulled resources together to help their colleagues pay the "Dowry" and to also provide soft drinks, snacks and souvenirs.

          The matter was taken before the King's palace where Islamic clerics were invited to look closely at the matter, after interacting with the children and the "Imam" the marriage was declared Islamic-ally correct and legal citing the proclamation and recitation of certain Suras that are used in such events.

The clerics however told the parents that the marriage could only be dissolved with the consent of the boys (Husbands) who can issue a divorce to the girls. However, the divorce can only hold after a duration of three months in which the girls have not been noticed to have conceived.

As at the time of giving this report, about three (3) of the boys have agreed to divorce their "wives" the others remain reluctant. Activities in the school have been suspended until a decision is reached.

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