“Evangelism is the primary assignment of every believer” Pastor Jerry’s paused, and looked at the audience of new converts to see just how focused they were. He could see nodding heads, he could see faces buried in the Bible as they studied the book of Matthew chapter 28 verse 19 from where he had taken his text, and he could see a pair of furrowed eyebrows under which sat eyes totally focused on his face. Brother LENDO held a serious expression on his face, and it seemed as though the sermon of that evening was specially meant for him. Pastor Jerry nodded, and continued.

“The Bible calls it the Great Commission. Soul winning is what God expects from every believer. There are so many souls dying in sin out there. But we mustn’t let them perish in their evildoing. We must save them and depopulate Hell. Remember, he that wins a soul is wise. Be bold and fearless, for in verse 20, Jesus says: I am with you always, and even to the very end. Therefore go, and do the work of Evangelism”

Brother LENDO stepped out of the church, that evening, determined to win a soul for God. As he headed home, he spotted a young man guzzling down a bottle of beer. “Thank you Jesus” he muttered.

“I greet you in the name of Christ, my brother” he smiled. The young man threw a side glance at him, and continued to guzzle down his beer.

“Brother, you see, the Bible says that-”

“I don’t want to hear it” the man retorted sharply, cutting him short.

“Brother, I understand you, but Jesus loves you, and-”

“And I don’t love Jesus! I hate him!! Now leave!”

“No” Brother LENDO shook his head stubbornly “Because Jesus will never leave you, and-”

The rest of his words were forcefully slapped back into his throat. Brother LENDO’s eyes turned dim red, he gnashed his teeth and tightened his fists, making great effort to suppress the boiling anger that had begun bubbling to its boiling point, as his left cheek burned under the heat of the stony palm of the man.

“I said get out of here, idiot”

Brother LENDO did not know when his Bible dropped to the ground. He had lunched a crushing punch at the man’s left cheek causing his mouth to spew a spittle of blood.

And that did it. The two men began to exchange blows in a crazy frenzy. They both seemed provoked to the peak of anger, and it seemed as though the fight wouldn’t end until either of the two had given up the ghost. And just then,

“Brother LENDO?!”

The two men ignored the call, each focusing on the other, dodging and striking punches, until Brother LENDO’s heavy side jab sent the man sprawling on the floor.

“Brother LENDO!!” Pastor Jerry screamed. “Is this your method of evangelism? Is this how you intend to win that brother to God? You are blaspheming the name of God, and you are destroying a soul!”

“Don’t tell me that, Pastor” he barked at the pastor, panting like he had just conquered Hussain Bolt in a race, “You weren’t here when I was trying to convince this Godforsaken idiot, but what did he do instead? he slapped me, pastor, he slapped me! And what should I had done? watched him go like that? Never! the Kingdomsuffers violence, and violent people take it by force!”

“No Brother LENDO, you do not understand, this is not what the-”

“Good night pastor”

And with that, a fuming Brother LENDO, a raw gold unwilling to pass through the fire of refinement, walked away,

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