Heartstrings (2)

I hugged her tightly to me, luxuriating in the feel of having her in my arms again. When I kissed her on the mouth, she wriggled out of my embrace.

"Hey, easy with the PDA, Demola! People are watching!"

I smiled at her.

"Who cares? I'm so happy you're back Becky!"

"It's good to be home too! But it's so hot!" she grumbled, fanning herself with her hand.
I laughed.

"Welcome to Naija where it's alw
ays warm. You think you're still in cold London?"

I picked up her large suitcase and a bag and we stated walking towards the airport car park.


"So, how was the course?" I said as we drove along the local airport road towards her home in Maryland.

"It was great! I learnt so many new things about my field," she enthused.

"It must have been hectic though. You seem to have lost some weight."

"Have I? Do I look different?" she asked, glancing at her image in the car mirror.

"Just a bit slimmer. It suits you though. You're still as pretty and sexy as ever, " I said, turning to gaze at her as she inspected her face in the mirror.

"Thanks dear. So, who's been looking after you in my absence? I heard you've shacked up with one fine chic."

"And who has been feeding you such lies in London?" I countered.

"I might have been away but I've got my ears close to the ground. So, tell me, who's she?"

"Do you know you sound like a jealous wife?" I said teasingly.

" Really?" she laughed. "Maybe it's time I became one"

I turned quickly to glance at her.

"A jealous wife," she said, her hand caressing me on the shoulder.

I took her hand in mine and squeezed it.

"For real, Becky?"

"Why not, Demola. It's been four years."

"Yeah. Four years of waiting. For you."

"So sorry, dear. Am a bitch, right?"

"Doesn't matter what you are. I love you all the same." I said, slowing down at a traffic light.

"No matter how long I keep you waiting? For me to make up my mind?"

"You know Becky that there's no one besides you for me. So, am I going to get some good news now you're back?"

"We'll talk later ok?" she said as I drove into her compound.

Her smile gave me some hope that what I had been waiting for, for fours years, Becky's love and commitment would become reality.


I spent some time with her at her place before heading home.

My thoughts were full of her, of what would happen
when we met up again the following day.

Back home, I opened my door and lying down on the couch like she owned the place was Jemi...

To be continued

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