Heartstrings (5)

It was past 10 p.m when we got to my house that night. Becky immediately kicked off her high heeled shoes and flopped on the couch. She stretched like a cat and yawned.

"Tired?" I asked, smiling down at her.

"A little," she said, closing her eyes.

"Let me get some drinks ," I said, heading for the kitchen.

She sat up and held my hand. "Wait!"

She drew me down and I sat down by her. Then she looked round the room as if searching for something.

"Where's your sister, Shalewa?"

"Should be in bed. She has to be in school early tomorrow for lectures."

"Why don't she move to campus? I believe it will be less stressful for her," Becky said.

"She actually has a room in school but she abandoned it because of her roommates," I explained.

"Why? What's wrong with them?"

I shrugged.

"She says her roommates are always going out and bringing 'sugar daddies to the room and she hates it. 'Seeing those girls- my age mates- with men old enough to be their grandpas make me sick. I can't bear to be in the same room with them!' were her words!"

Becky laughed, her eyes bright with amusement.

"It's a common thing on many campuses these days," she said.

Then she drew close and took my hand in hers.

"Demola," she said. "I just want to say how sorry I am at the way I've treated you all this while. You know the reason why so I won't go into it here." She paused, looked down at our clasped hands then continued. "If it's not too late for us, I'll like us to..."

I placed a finger on her lips.

"Shh! Baby, you know it will never be too late...even if I've to wait for you longer than I have." I cradled her face in my palms. "I love you, Becky! Always have, always will!"

She smiled at me.

"Love you too, Demola!"

"I held her tightly to me and kissed her- on the nose and soft, succulent lips Her arms wound round my neck and for a while, we were totally engrossed in each other, lost to the world....


I woke up some hours later and turned to feel Becky's soft body lying next to me. She was sound asleep, her breath making soft sounds that was like music to my ears.

Having her next to me, in my bed gave me a heady feeling I could not describe.

I hugged her close, placing her head on my chest. I wished we could stay that way forever, that the day would not break, bringing with it, it's usual challenges.

I wanted this moment to last for a long time, to compensate for the long wait for Becky, right from the first time we met.
That was at my company's media briefing over four years before.

Being in the Media and Communications department, I and a few colleagues were in charge of organising the programme which was the launch of two new products of the firm.

Becky had come to cover the event for the TV Station where she worked as a Producer/Reporter. Later, after the launch, she had wanted to interview my CEO for a programme she produced at the station

It could not take place that day as my boss had to travel that afternoon to Abuja for a meeting.

"I'll arrange for the interview when he returns from his trip," I reassured her.

"That'll be nice Mr Oni," she said, looking at my business card I had given her.

"Demola will be just fine," I said. I had seen her on TV and thought she was pretty. But the camera did not do her justice for she looked stunning in the flesh...

To be continued
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