Joe Shigma's STD is an instant classic. the mixtape which is so full of depth, meaning and still commercial which is very rear for rap artists to pull out.
Shigma's lyrical ability has reached high altitudes, each listen to STD provides new explain. the album revolutionist hip hop into something more pop. the rapper takes us on a trip inside his mind, brings us closer to feelings like we know him. his voice does most of the work playing multiple roles in verses & hooks.
Looking at the choice of beat, STD featured sample instrumentals from variety of music genre(pop,hiphop,naija,Ragae beats) attimes it feels contradictory and the story transmitting on every song on the album feels different but thats where its Genius lies. the mixtape sampled instrumentals from Kanye West(flashy lights, touch the sky) Big Sean(finally famous), Monlee(Dreamer), S.O.S(Wish you could stay, Lil wayne(cry), Logic Ashanty.
STD is an album with hidden depth where words and music operate in beautiful sychronocity a constantly unfolding dance that lands each new approach a sense of revelation
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