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There's a different between hearing music and listening to music. And there's also a different between rhyming and being deep and "Choice" by LemuelKnight has done justice to depth. Listen close😉

Lyrics of "Choice" by LemuelKnight

(Sampled Voice)

You always gat a choice x2
Yeah the least of sh!t we do
Use your voice and speak the truth

Verse One

About a decade I started this rap Journey
I was all sonk in the rap Game clone me
My own true Fam is about to disown me
My life is on the line only rap is on my mind
I was dead focus ego big bogus
I started rap crew with my friends from high school
That was cool we was tryna make the ends
5 young boys tryna live the rap dream
We was full of blood and the rap Game was green
Connect with Mix Master and put some joint out
When I kick a verse they will point the boy out
I understand I gat game and that was real nigger
I follow blueprint like my rap name Jigga
I never pull back but I wrap around triggers
I've got keep it real but I wanna make figures
But then I made a choice to connect with real Niggers

(Repeat Hook)

(Verse Two)

I connect with real Niggers keep my head up
I don't even realise I was played out
Never victimise I was too sure for doubt
And I face the whole  Industry  middle finger out
I've been around the cycle now pull the trigger back
They tryna shy away and I show this Niggers rap
I know my sh!t rap but they say it's gangster rap
You will never find real when u stand against the rap
666 when it's parks upon your abs
Drop your weak rap and it's classic what they ask
Never lost touch nigger connect to the street
If bars what you choose drop the word on the street
Stand between lines and connect bars to Rhymes
They tryna hold us back but I choose to cross the line
Money on my mind so I activate the grind
Riding the cycles for my Niggers doing time

(Repeat Hook)

(Verse Three)

I've been on a straight grind never take a bend
They say compromise then we make you trend
Hell no am so hip hop Like Premo
Can't handle fame like the fake alphacino
I still keep it real when I make joint with Cino
We don't have to Vegas to hit that casino
I strike bars like Coster real rap is Trino
A blue bar for blues I drop this for Nino

(Repeat Hook) x2

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