#MUSIC: Phils Emjay- NOTICE

This is not just any Song. No, this is more. This is a Silent Cry, a word of Motivation to those who are looking forward to the "Telephone EP", this is a Reflective Letter concerning few things I wanna get off my chest, This is me speaking for Myself and other Young Dreamers out there. Basically,
" Notice " is not just about what I Give, its also about what I Receive back. However, the hard work we put in making things happen for ourselves doesn't get Noticed. You can spend your Day working on something that won't even get a Minute recognition, But I believe that a Heart is always ready to walk the Right path as long as the Wrong one has been pointed out to it. So I wrote this song Praying that My People will indeed take a Moment to realize that sometimes all we need is their appreciation, them Noticing that we are out here doing what we believe it's related to one's Calling. As I continue working on "Telephone EP" , I just want to Thank Everyone who is showing Love and Support to My Journey. And all I'm asking at this point is simply that you NOTICE the fact that it's your Love that wakes me up every Morning knowing that I have work to do, And I Do It.

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