At age 9 Dolapo could speak 2 Nigerian languages and 3 foreign languages including french and Spanish. Keep your child engaged this summer break with language lessons

Dolapo’s rare story caught our attention and it is so fascinating knowing that other children can achieve even more than Dolapo by just taking the right steps and seizing the opportunity especially as the summer break approaches…continue reading

She started language learning at the age of 5 and currently she speaks fluently French, Spanish, German, English, Yoruba and Hausa…WOW!  All we could focus on was that pride and joy Dolapo’s mother showed as she shared with us.

“When asked, I usually don’t like to call Dolapo’s ability a rare gift because we made conscious efforts and took strategic steps that helped her become so fluent in these languages, so Dolapo isn’t a superhuman like most people will think” – Mrs Feyikemi Somoye (Dolapo’s mother)

Building enviable children is one of the most important goals for parents and watching them thrive in all areas in the most amazing experience, I am sure parents reading this can testify. As top academics experts and educational consultants we know quite a number of ways to ensure your child’s all round success one of which is learning a language.

Many parents have asked, why is learning other languages so important and must be started at such a young age?

·         Simply, the younger the learner the better. At the age of 7 they are at their peak for language learning hence mimicking new sounds and adopting pronunciation becomes easier. The brain is open to new sounds and patterns in preadolescence.

·         Before children become self- conscious they can try out their newly acquired languages without fear of embarrassment.

·         Young children have time to learn through play-like activities. Language lessons can be informal and children’s minds are not yet cluttered with facts to be stored and tested. 

·         Children who grow up learning about languages develop empathy for others and a curiosity for different cultures and ideas; prepared to take their place in a global society.
·         Career opportunities increase for those with additional languages to offer.

·         Pupils who learn a foreign language outscore their non-foreign language learning peers in verbal and maths standardised tests, indicating that learning additional language is a cognitive activity not just a linguistic one.

Just like Dolapo, here is a simple way to make your child a language guru during this summer break

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